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Jul 5, 2007 05:36 PM

Ladies menus?

Do restaurants in the L.A area(thinking specifically Water Grill and Grace). offer ladies menus as standard ,or can they be had by discreetly asking

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  1. I've never heard of a ladies menu in L.A. Maybe the Jonathan club has one.

    btw, you can type in your own title for your post.

    Edit: since Water Grill and Grace both have online menus, if the lady in question knows in advance which restaurant she's going to, then the online menus defeat the purpose of the "ladies menu."

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    1. re: slacker

      Can ladies menus be had on request. I know i could e-mail estaurants but sometimes e-mails get lost in the crowd.In Dublin they are rarely handed out but be got by a discreet word in the waiter's ear.

      1. re: firsttimer123

        Since it sounds like you're in Dublin, I called the two restaurants, and neither of them has a "ladies menu," but the Water Grill tells me they can arrange for it. I'm guessing Grace would also be able to arrange for it if you ask in advance.

        Good thing you didn't call, as the WG put me on hold for 3 minutes (I was also asking about their tasting menu), interrupted by 3 separate people picking up the phone asking me each time how they can help me. Bad form for a great restaurant.

        1. re: slacker

          Thanks slacker,Have I made a good choice in these restaurants.First time to LA and looking for ambience as well as food.Do not like the modern stainless steel look of some restaurant,We both adore seafood(hence WG) and Grace gets good reviews.
          Price is not really an issue and $250 a couple without wine would be o.k.

          1. re: firsttimer123

            Water Grill is a fantastic choice, especially if you love seafood. And lots of wood and some brass in there, vs. stainless steel.
            I have not been to Grace, so can't comment from experience.
            I also have not been to Providence, but will be going very soon. From all I've gathered on this board, that would also be a fabulous seafood focused dinner. Not sure about the stainless steel factor.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. This trip to the states is for our silver wedding anniversary.L.A Vegas,N.Y.
          All our accounts bills credit cards are in joint names ,so my wife will find out eventually.
          We have 3 kids and for years like others struggled and ate out once or twice a year.
          It was always a case of that 100 could buy something for the house or kids or pay a bill.At this stage of our life we are comfortable and have saved for 2 yrs for this trip.So I know old habits die hard with my wife and her being more of a foodie than me I want her to order what she wants irrespective of price.I have checked out all our choices and know even if we both order all the most expensive item on the menu it will be within budget.
          It is not chauvanistic or belittling (as my wife will know the cost when she opens the CC bil)just my way of saying this is your time .enjoy

          1. re: firsttimer123

            If your budget permits, one option might be to ask for the tasting menus, at those restaurants which offer them, at the time you make your reservation (you can often get an idea of what might be served from the restaurants' websites and most restaurants will work with you if there are particular likes and dislikes). It does deprive your wife of the pleasure of choosing for herself but she would get to try more of what the chef is capable of doing and would offer the element of surprise both as to what she will be eating and what it least until the credit card bill came.

            1. re: firsttimer123

              Your wife is a lucky person to married to someone who is so thoughtful. The Water Grill is always outstanding. Congratulations on your anniversary.

              1. re: firsttimer123

                Silver? The Inn of the Seventh Ray is for people in Love. Many on the LA Board agree that this is the most Romantic dinner setting in L.A. If you consider this you must let them know in advance that you require the best table they have.


                1. re: JeetJet

                  Sure, Inn of the Seventh Ray is romantic, but the food is not at all comparable to that at Watergrill or Grace.

                  1. re: whatsfordinner

                    I get the impression (Silver, ladies menu) that this meal is more about romantic anbiance. Sure, if you want to focus on fish rather than romance go to Water Grill, but the food at the Inn of the Seventh Ray is also good. Maybe not as large of a selection of fish but still very good. So the issue becomes what counts more after 25 years -- fish or romance?

                      1. re: JeetJet

                        You know, the Inn of the Seventh Ray has the ambiance and the beautiful, beautiful outdoor setting -- but the food is really not that good (he did say his wife is a foodie) and I find the neo-hippie dawning-of-the-cage-and-aquarium nonsense really, really distracting -- come on, a menu listed in order of "esoteric vibration"?

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          "Food is really not that good" ???? Like get real Ube. The food is very good whether you go for the beef or sea food. As for the rest, Well, ah, I rellay feel some bad vibes here. But I still like you, becasue just like you said in another post, "peoplel like you." Any time I am in Topanga Canyon I recall the Fleetwood Mac place, Encounter groups & sensitivity training, Sandstone, and now we have the Inn of the Seventh Ray -- Peace, Love & great food. Like, Topanga Canyon is esoteric vibes.

                          Water Grill, the only vibes there are from the business deals being made at the next table. The fish is good.

                          1. re: JeetJet

                            I said people like me?? I usually engender the opposite reaction in people. :P

                            The last couple of times I went, the bread has been bad, the meat overcooked, and the vegan stuff afflicted with the Curse of the Vegan Self-Negation -- "it is healthy and contains no animal by-products, and also no salt and no flavour".

                            That said, if you enjoy it, please don't dwell on my opinion!

                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                              That Porto’s potato balls post that went on a tangent about how many can you eat. You can eat more than anyone and you said, “... and that's why people like me.” People do like you Ube and you are never disliked.

                              About this fish issue. This couple must have some fish tacos while they are in L.A. IMO, that would be the meal they would remember most from the USA (L.A to N.Y.C.). I wonder where they will be staying and how far they can drive for Fish Tacos? Maybe he should do a post about that.

                              "Last COUPLE of times I went...." ?? Is it the romantic outdoor setting that works for you and keeps you coming back? That alone is enough for me but I do like the food also.

                              1. re: JeetJet

                                HAHAHAHAHAHA I forgot all about that!

                                Fish tacos... mmmm... you know, a total L.A. experience would to park over by Whittier Blvd. and Ford Blvd., walk around "downtown East L.A." and end up at Tacos Baja Ensenada for fish tacos and shrimp cocktail. That's about as quintessentially L.A. as it would get without getting into snotty Park La Brea/Hollywood industry stereotypes.

                                I have been to the Inn of the Seventh Chakra four times, and enjoyed myself less each time I've gone. Now, the third time was for Valentine's Day, so that doesn't count -- that's like judging a restaurant based on Mother's Day brunch -- but the fact that the fourth visit was actually WORSE than that (service issues combined with the food that I don't really like anyway) just made that restaurant a write-off, romantic guaranteed-to-pay-off-later setting or not.

                                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                  I totally agree. “Tacos Baja Ensenada for fish tacos and shrimp cocktail. That's about as quintessentially L.A. as it would get.” It is a must have or otherwiise they would not be able to say they have been to L.A.. I love L.A. more each time I check-out the Boston Chowhound Board and read the post from Boston Hounds who just returned from a California vacation talking about whether Boston has any L.A. style fish tacos because they are craving them. Nope! Fish tacos -- Soft shell romance, L.A. style.

                                  Tacos Baja Ensenada
                                  5385 Whittier Blvd
                                  Los Angeles, California 90022
                                  (323) 887-1980

                                  Repearted visits, why?
                                  "romantic guaranteed-to-pay-off-later setting.." Issue -- So after 25 yrs., what is it going to be, romance or fish? The Inn for romance and Tacos Baja for my fish fix. Oh ya, congrats on the new little Ube.

                      2. re: whatsfordinner

                        I have to agree with that. The food is great, but not as good as Water Grill, Grace, or Providence.

                        But the ambiance is not to be beat. Perhaps if you can afford it, take her to the Inn for brunch on Sunday!

                    1. re: firsttimer123

                      I just went from being all irked about the "ladies menu" to thinking what a sweet thing you are doing. I teared up a little reading your post, as the daughter of a single mother I too learned to check price first then pick from the least expensive. Happy anniversary to you both and I'm sure either restaurant would be more than happy to print you a menu sans prices. Thanks for opening my eyes to the "blind menu".

                  2. While I think Water Grill is great, you're better off trying Providence, which is new to the scene and offers a more innovative and interesting menu. It also isnt as stuffy as Water Grill, which caters to the downtown business crowd.

                    I have no doubt that it will be perfect for your anniversary, but I hope you have a good time no matter where you go!

                    As a side note, I have had meals where the women at the table are served different items. This usually would happen if you order the tasting menu and generally, females are served fish and males, red meat. I agree with everyone else that the practice isnt commonplace.


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                    1. re: poptisserie

                      I would be very interested in knowing if there is a restaurant that serves ladies fish and males red meat on a general tasting menu. I have never heard of this. I know more than one woman who would be more than annoyed if this happened.

                      1. re: Griller141

                        If I were served fish instead of meat because of my gender, I would be furious!
                        I've never heard of such a thing. I remember when I was young, my mother would refuse to go to any restaurant that would give her a ladies menu, but I think firsttimer123 is being thoughtful and romantic in this case.

                        1. re: brandygirl

                          Thanks for all the compliments,but we are more or less decided on Water Grill.We live a 10 min drive from a fishing village and my wife is a real fish lover and water grillfits the bill,perfectly.Providence while gets great reviews the setting is a bit too modern and cutting edge for my wife's taste.

                          1. re: firsttimer123

                            Water Grill is still a great choice and I'm sure you'll enjoy each others' company no matter where you go. Congrats!