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Jul 5, 2007 05:35 PM

Best day for Sushi Zo?

Based on comments on Chowhound, I am hoping to celebrate my birthday with Omakase at Sushi Zo. Although I have been a sushi enthusiast for 30+ years, this venue and format will both be firsts for me.

Is there a best night of the week at Zo, either based on fish-purchase-day or lightest crowd?

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  1. whenever you go, be sure to make reservations.
    i've not seen a pattern as to the 'crowd'---sometimes it's completely full on a tuesday night, and not completely full on a saturday night.

    1. Really? With all the Zo-fans on this board, nobody else has an answer to this question?

      1. keizo-san can definitely be busier on the weekends, but sometimes if you go early, it's much more of a zen-like experience.

        we prefer to go when it's less busy, like any restaurant, but especially for a sushi restaurant. we like tuesday. make reservations. he appreciates that.

        1. We almost always go on Fridays, though have had excellent meals during the week and on Saturdays. I would make a reservation, though last night we were the only people at the bar at 8:15. Enjoy -- I think you are in for a treat!