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Jul 5, 2007 05:07 PM

Don Cesar/ St. Pete

We are staying at the Don for a weekend in July. Wondering if you chowers think that dinner there is worth the $$. After reading the menu I thought it was mundane except for lamb osso bucco......but $35.00? How about the brunch?

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  1. Sorry hounds, I meant to type Venison Osso Buco. In addition , any comments on Cafe Ponte . I understand it's in the area.

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    1. re: kitchenhag

      Cafe Ponte is expensive - and wonderful. I had my first (and not to be last!) taste of foie gras there. So is Maritana Grille - they know and use your name upon arrival - it is that kind of place. Of the two, I prefer Cafe Ponte. My husband and I always enjoyed eating at the Sea Porch, their "everyday" restaurant at the Don, but I haven't been in ages.

      If you have a car, check out the Seahorse and Sea Critters (the first for breakfast or lunch, the latter for lunch or dinner), both good. Skip the Hurricane except for a sunset drink. All these are in Pass A Grille, just south of the Don.

      Also check out the other threads here re St. Pete Beach, others have lots of good recent suggestions.

      1. re: joan

        Thanks for the recs. Coming to Don over next weekend. Going to try Pearl ( treasure island) and will report back. I love chef/owner rests. His menu reads great and I love the tapas possibilities. Cafe Ponte is closed on Sundays.
        Thanks again from a San Diego chower.

        1. re: kitchenhag

          Snappers or Black Palm are better restaurants opened on sunday. Both are within blocks of the Don

          1. re: rothdan

            Several months back I had a horrible experience at the Black Pearl -- took an hour to seat, over an hour to serve and the food was poor. People were leaving without receiving their food all around us.. bad night perhaps, but expensive food should never be a gamble.

            I will always suggest Sand Bar Bill's at the Bon Aire Resort for a delicious beach burger if the weather is right. Nori Thai up the road a bit also has excellent duck.

            1. re: fysa

              fysa, are you talking about the Black Palm in Pass-A-Grille, or the Pearl on Treasure Island? I think you are confusing the two.

              1. re: joan

                I think fysa is talking about the Black Pearl in Dunedin?

                1. re: laurie

                  Well now...that gives us a third option!
                  Fysa, care to return and tell us which restaurant you're describing?

    2. Thanks all for the recs. We wound up at the Black Pearl in Dunnedin for Sunday night dinner. What a sexy little place. The owner Cathy couldn't have treated us better (and she wasn't even there). Hubby talked to her on the phone prior to our arrival and her server treated us to their homemade liqorice ice cream . Scrumptious. The Prince Edward Island mussels in the coconut/curry broth are not to be missed. I needed more of their great sesame crusted dinner rolls to sop I didn't lick the bowl or drink the stuff. Saturday night we met friends in Dunnedin in a little strip mall where a Cash and Carry used to be . Gaitano's is a favorite haunt of theirs and I can see why.I haven't had Italian food like that since my days in South Philly. It's a hidden gem....wish I knew what street we were on. Do find it and go. There is no menu , just Gaitano and his cart of excellent fish/meat choices and ways to cook them for you.
      Two memorable meals and thanks again hounds for all the recs.