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Jul 5, 2007 04:59 PM

Wilson in Culver City??

"Wilson is the newest restaurant from acclaimed Chef Michael Wilson & Partner Stefano de Lorenzo of Piccolo Ristorante & La Botte."
It was recently recommended to me by a friend of a friend... thinking about it for dinner this weekend. Has anyone been? I'd welcome hearing any dining experiences fellow foodies have to share. Has anyone tried Chef Wilson's tasting menu? Please post.

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  1. I have only ever been one time for lunch after it first opened, at least a couple of years ago I think... Service was a little spotty but nice, and I really liked the meal. Had a wonderful open-faced pulled pork sandwich that had a bit of avocado on it. Very yummy. I think this restaurant is really about the pork - if you go and no one in your group gets some pork dish, at least to split among everyone, you're missing out.

    More recently on this board, Wilson has been getting mixed but mostly favorable reviews:

    1. i was there in march and really enjoyed it. i went with my visiting sister and we split the chicken and a pasta. they were both fantastic. we sat outside in the back. very very delightful evening.

      1. I've been to Wilson several times for lunch, and the pulled pork sandwich is a standout, plus their salads are excellent too.
        Do go. It's very good.

        The service, however, is a bit dismal.

        1. I went there a couple of months ago with friends, and we got the tasting menu. One of our party is lactose intolerant, and they were super-helpful in adjusting dishes so that none of hers had any butter, cream, etc. The waiter was also helpful in helping us choose wines to pair with the dishes - since we didn't want a bottle/dish, he helped us choose wines that went well with multiple courses.

          I thought the meal was very good - my favourite were the escargots served on a rosemary skewer. I was a bit disappointed, however, by the fact that the tasting menu was really just dishes taken from the regular menu - previously, when I've ordered tasting menus at restaurants, they usually prepare dishes that aren't listed.

          The space is industrial in feel, and service was good the night we were there.

          1. Go! I've been there twice now (granted, for lunch) and was blown away each time by both my dish and all the dishes ordered in my party.