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Jul 5, 2007 04:30 PM

Affordable Tallahassee

Just ate at Tallahassee's only Peruvian restaurant, Las Brasas. While the decor is in need of direction, the food was tasty and affordable. Would recommend for lunch or a casual dinner. I ate their most popular dish, a kind of steak or chicken stir fry called lomo saltado, replete with fries in the dish itself and a side serving of rice. Their cilantro based dipping sauce that came with our order of empanadas elevated that dish as well.

Also, I recently enjoyed an unusually delicious and healthy vegan meal from the Black Hebrews operating out of the Soul Veg food cart in the Beta Bar parking lot. I was surprised at how good it really was. Certainly an original Tallahassee option, particularly considering our previously discussed BBQ issues.


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  1. Can you normally find the Soul Veg food cart in the Beta Bars parking lot? I have seen it downtown before and always wanted to try it. If you enjoy that type of food, you might also like the food at New Leaf Market. I ate a vegan chili there yesterday made with Seitan, black beans and corn-it was awesome!

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      There is a Soul Veg food cart is on Kleman Plaza, behind City Hall next to the Mary Brogan, every weekday from 11-3.