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Jul 5, 2007 04:26 PM

Best Mac & Cheese in the Peninsula?

Where's your favorite place to get your mac & cheese fix on the Peninsula?

I've enjoyed the hearty entree of mac & cheese (mmm... with crunchy croutons) at Oak City Bar & Grill and the extra cheesy, more upscale mac & cheese side at Bistro Elan.

I have another hankerin' for gobs of piping hot cheese and carbs, all rolled into one, and would love to try a new place. Can you help a 'hound out?

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  1. Even though I love a good mac 'n cheese, I don't think I have had it in a restaurant since I was a teenager. Just curious, have you tried the Trader Joe's frozen mac & cheese? I'm sure it can't compare to a good restaurant version, but I think it is pretty good.

    1. I think the Peninsula Creamery is famous for their mac 'n cheese but I may be remembering wrong.

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        Thanks for the recs!! Will try both Trader Joe's and the Creamery's.