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Jul 5, 2007 03:16 PM

Dabbawalla in Summit, NJ

Has anyone eaten at Dabbawalla and if so, how was it? I searched chowhound and I only found two posts. One person loves it and one person hates it. Can someone break the tie? Thanks.

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  1. Hey there. I saw your post the day I was going there for dinner. It was excellent! We do not eat a lot of Indian so I cannot claim to be an expert however, it was probably the best I have had. The garlic Naan was perfect. The "Dabbawalla’s Shrimp & White Radish Lonvas" was a great dish. I loved their rice too. Can't wait to go back and try something else, there's a lot to choose from!

    1. I thought Dabbawalla was going to be excellent considering the decor was the nicest I have yet to see from an Indian resteraunt. However, I wouldn't judge a book by its cover. The food was overpriced and the portions were small. We ordered a side of naan and they gave us three pieces to split between the two of us, what is one extra piece of naan, answer me that. Even though there were only four other couples in the place, service was extremely slow and one of the servers was unfriendly. I disliked the chicken tiki masala, I have had better, the chicken they used I also disliked. I wasn't given a straw, my water glass was empty, overall it wasn't a great experience. For the price and amount of people in the restaurant I thought I was going to have a pleasant time, I was wrong.

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        Ryan, could you elaborate more about this? As far as the naan, it is typical for most Indian restaurants to only give 1 piece per person, I've never gotten more than that anywhere, so getting 3 sounds good to me.

        What was wrong with your chicken tika masala?

        Did you ask for a straw? Water?

        I understand that poor services is unacceptable, but others have said they enjoyed the place, so I'm trying to get a better understanding of exactly what went wrong with your meal. I'm more concerned about what was wrong with your chicken, than the service tho. Saying you had better chicken, I don't know what that means?

      2. We went there last Saturday and while the food was good, there was nothing special. Just standard Indian Americanized restaurant cuisine. And a little overpriced - which is probably why it was not too crowded on a Saturday in downtown Summit.

        1. We went there last weekend, as well as when it opened. The Tikka Masala would be better if they would just put more yogurt in it. I think they know S. Indian better than N. Indian. A woman who obviously is part of the family that owns it came by and was very personable. Quite the contrast to how it was when it opened. By the way, they served 4 pieces of naan for the 3 of us. Service was fast.

          I think they opened at the wrong time, serving NYC priced food with a really cool decor, and then boom! The economy drops out and people are more cost-aware (even in Summit).

          They could survive if they cut the prices a bit and tried to make their food taste more like the Indian place in Chatham by Staples.


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            Went to Dabbawalla this afternoon--it was our last visit. We've been several times, and have to agree with what other posters have mentioned--WAY overpriced, portions aren't especially big (we got one tiny piece of bread for $3--unbelievable), and the service was slow and unfriendly despite the place being empty. Food is serviceable, but we decided that it's better to take a drive to excellent restos than to waste our time at Dabbawalla.


            Don't know why but the Naanwich on the menu makes me smile - may have to check that out.

            Love creative ideas.