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Jul 5, 2007 03:06 PM

Frankies in Lenox - anyone, anyone.....

Used to be Spigalina's - now an Italian restaurant named Frankies.
Looking for recs from the brave souls who've ventured into Lenox to try it :)

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  1. Yeah...Jason is a friend...was invited Tuesday night to trials...quite good...will be a big try it.

      1. re: nidanlou

        I was looking for an objective unsolicited opinion. Not being rude - just wouldn't consider a guest at an opening/trial run either.

        1. re: cowgirlinthesand

          With all due respect, I am not a neophyte about the restaurant fact, I am in the industry. And, Frankie's is good...Mike, who is the chef, at Bistro Zinc, one of Jason's other restaurants is running the kitchen for now. And Bistro Zince is quite good. I am a good friend of the Masiero brothers--they own Guidos...would you not agree with my opinion that Guido's is a great place to shop, just because they are my friends?

          1. re: nidanlou

            You took my post way too personally. My comment was not a reflection on your ability to be objective, rather that a trial run is never a true measure of a kitchen's ability.

      2. In laws went over the weekend. They did not enjoy it at all.

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        1. re: Blumie

          I was ther over the weekend, the place was packed and the kitchen was way behind. The food was worth the wait really, really good. And to top it off the owner comped our entire check because of the wait. Very impressed!

        2. I work at a hotel in the area and we had 3 couples go to Frankies for dinner this weekend. One couple didn't say too much - not good not bad, but the other 2 were very disappointed and underwhelmed.
          Veal marsala was dry - no sauce at all - ok macroni on the side - Chicken parm had bland very watery marinara and was dry and burnt on one side.
          Chicken marsala also very dry with no sauce. Marinara sauce was brought when marsala sauce was requested.
          I have heard nothing good yet.

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          1. re: chowrottie

            I went the other day, and overall I'd have to say it's good, but definitely not great. Definitely not Spigalina, but then it's not supposed to be I guess. It's somewhat generic classical italian-american classics, but they do them pretty well. We started with Risotto balls, which were good, but could have been crunchier, and the clams casino, which were quite tasty. For mains we had the veal saltamboca, spaghetti and meatballs and the seaood fra diavlo. The veal was quite tasty, but only came with a little salad, so the portion seemed a little small for the price, it could have used another side. The seafood was good and spicy, and the meatballs were pretty tasty. So overall it was a good meal, but nothing special or original. Not exactly sure I would go back, but if thers wanted to go I wouldn't be opposed.

            The service was friendly, but on the slow side, and definitely was suffering from being open only 3 days at that point. Some rough edges need to be worked out. There are definitely better restaurants in the Berkshires.

            1. re: Piperdown

              I agree with you 100% they are not trying to be Spigalina. The food is supposed to be simple Italian-American, and they do a nice job with it. It is not supposed to be fine dining, they are filling a niche in lenox. Reasonably priced food in a nice atmoshphere, pretty good job for only being open for a week. I am going back on Sunday.

              1. re: vnewman

                If the food isn't really good at any restaurant - fine dining or not - then it not worth the price not matter how reasonable. What's the point of eating out if the meal isn't wonderful and delicious?

                1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                  Well if Frankie's has the type of cuisine that interests you, or that you feel like eating that night, then you probably won't be disappointed. The food was good, and I liked my meal for the most part. Personally, it's just not my favourite type of cuisine so I probably won't be back soon (well that and I only get one night off a week from the kitchen I cook in).