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Jul 5, 2007 02:18 PM

Need recommendation for vegans and meat eaters to dine together in Chapel Hill

I need some restaurant recommendations where vegans and meat eaters can dine together and find a decent selection of both.


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  1. If you are not looking just for "fine dining," I'd recommend the Spotted Dog (Main Street in Carrboro, across from Weaver Street Market). It's diner-ish, but always with lots of veggie/vegan options as well as meat, and good beer selection. Reasonable prices, too.

    1. Talulla's on Franklin St. It's a Turkish restaurant, so there are lots of veg (and even vegan) mezzes (eggplant spread, falafels, tabouli all come to mind as vegan possibilities). And I think you can also order a roasted/grilled vegetable platter. It's a nice room too.

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        The last time we tried Spotted Dog, they had lots for the non-vegan, but really limited for the true vegan. Talulla's sounds worth trying.

      2. I'd try Panzanella. They have several vegan options usually. If your meat eaters will try vegetarian, then try Sage in Timberlyne shopping center. They have some dishes that will convert meat eaters into happy herbivores (even if just for one meal).