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Jul 5, 2007 02:08 PM

July 2007 - Grocery Outlet - $5 off $20 orders

Not that GO isn't already absurdly low, but they are giving out coupons for the month of July

The highlight being the week of July 18 - 24 where they take $5 off a $20 order ... alcohol and dairy excluded ... yeah, a shame ... but still.

The rest
July 4 - 10 Free 12 pack of Jones Soda with $10 purchas
July 11 -17 Free 64oz Treetop apple Juice with $10 purchase
July 25 - 31 $3 off any order when recommending a new shopper

Discounts for June still available.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, rworange! We're actually going to the Santa Rosa GO today, as my husband wants to pick up more of the Cinder Cone beer, which he says is excellent, especially for $3.99/6-pack.
    And we'll be getting more of the Jones soda - got Lemon and Root Beer last week. We like that Jones uses cane sugar as a sweetener, and not high-fructose corn syrup or the evil aspartame.

    1. This seems to be the week for tomato-based products.

      - Del Monte organic tomato paste - 39 cents
      - Large can of Hunts tomato paste - 79 cents
      - Contadine tomato sauce - 69 cents
      - Newman's tomato sauce - $1.99

      Yoplait yogurt is 3 for $1. The San Pablo store had thick and creamy caramel and whipped chocolate mousse. However, they usually bring in more flavors.

      Challenge butter is $2.49 lb

      Cans of Coffeehouse Classic cappuccino foam which I liked a lot are 99 cents... a good price.

      Kerry Gold cheese which usually sells for about $5 is $1.99.

      Organic soups - Amy's and Health Valley are 99 cents. Health Valley had organic clam chowder ... not sure of the concept on that.

      Pints of ice cream are $1.49 - Hagen Daz, Ben & Jerry's and Dove. Breyer's quarts are $1.79.

      Del Monte canned veggies are 2 for $1.

      Pepsi summer mix, 2 liters, are 2 for $1. Anyone tried this?

      And I saw something I've never seen before anywhere ... Progresso lobster sauce $1.69

      It's been a long, long time since I bought Entermann's which I enjoyed in the past. But anyone who is interested, GO always sells the baked goods for $1.99. I'm guessing that might be a good price, but haven't looked in so long, not sure.

      1. I was ready to hate the clam chowder, but it was okay. Better than Trader Joe's. And organic. The GO has more organic food than it used to. I bought some Earth Pure organic pizza sauce for 89cents. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising,with organic herbs, tomato sauce, olive oil and sea salt.

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        1. re: Glencora

          Interesting, since the Health Valley soups I've tried have been awful. Usually love most of Amy's products.

        2. New GO in Rohnert Park, folks! They're in the old Albertson's spot across the street from the Safeway.

          Grand Opening is Friday 7/27, but they're trying to get open sooner. just waiting for the inspectors.

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          1. re: cmvan

            They opened this afternoon at 2:30, giving $3 off coupons with no min purchase.

            1. re: RCK

              The Grand Opening is this Saturday (7/30/07) - the Wine Buyer will be there in the morning if anyone's interested in meeting her and finding out first hand what kind of deals are coming up...

              1. re: David Carlson

                Melanie Wong wrote in this thread ...

                "Haven't looked at the wine selection for a while, and this time noticed a lot of Forest Glen bottlings. The 2005 California Riesling and 2005 California Gewurztraminer were both priced at $3.99, might be worth trying as that was a good but large vintage and a lot of good juice was bulked off. Anyone tasted these?"

                Maybe if someone talks to the wine buyer in Rohnert Park they might ask if she knows if they are worthwhile.

                Then again, someone could throw $3.99 to the wind and give them a try. I don't like most Riesling or Gewurztraminer so I'm unlikely to buy ... however if someone says they are good ...

          2. Spotted at RWC Grocery Outlet today:

            Gold Medal Harvest King Flour -- 99 cents
            Blisscoti ice cream sandwiches (strawberry & vanilla) - 99 cents (2 to a pkg)
            Alexia Pizza Snacks (sausage, chicken pesto) -- $1.99
            Aloha Teriyaki Glaze - i missed the price
            Stonyhill Farms Light Smoothies (wild berry, peach, banana berry) - 2 for $1
            Ben & Jerry's Black & Tan -- $1.49

            Already gone -- Rosarita Spicy Jalapeno Refried Beans - 69 cents. :-(

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            1. re: kivarita

              The price of yoplait dropped to 4 for $1 and they got a few extra flavors in.

              1. re: kivarita

                The Blisscoti are pretty good, especially the lemon and coffee if they have them in stock.