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Jul 5, 2007 02:05 PM

Amish Market-Hyde Park

Has anyone been into this supermarket? How does it compare to Adams? How are their prices? Do they sell local beef, chicken, produce?

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  1. I like it a lot. They have great seafood, really good vegetables and herbs. A fascinating looking buffet bar (I've not tried it but it looks pretty adventurous as if it is influenced by the presence of CIA just down the road). They have a really great section of exotic dips (wasabi horse radish kinds of things). The one thing they tend to be weak on is meats of which there is a fairly limited selection. For me, the big question would be proximity. I live right near an Adams but I actually prefer Amish and sometimes plan a visit to it if my outings in the region take me near it.

    By the way, cars tend to speed through the parking lot -- there's a cut through to get to the main road -- so be careful.

    1. IMHO, their seafood is really good/fresh, with reasonable price and plenty of selections. The same goes with vegetables, herbs, and fruits. As a matter of fact, sometimes they have more "exotic" fruits than Adams. I agree with adorno about their meat selection - it's nothing to write about, but for quick weekday dinners it's fine. As to the buffet, I try to go after 6pm for the 10% discount....

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        I totally agree! Seafood, veggies, produce and herbs are very fresh and the selection is very good. The buffet has a good selection and the discount after 6:00 is actually 30%! The sushi is also good. We find the buffet and sushi a great picnic lunch to eat at Roosevelt. As much as I love Adams, Amish is much closer to home.

      2. amish market in hyde park is closing within a week or so; most of the store has been shopped over, remainder of stuff is 50% off....

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          I am really sad about their closing - they had wonderful seafood selections and the cold cuts were good and reasonably priced. The produce was not necessarily more expensive than the ones in Stop & Shop. Wonder why they just cannot compete with the big store chain??

          I guess I'll go back to Adams now..

          1. re: moosesocks

            I'm not surprised that they are closing. what surprises me is how they were able to last as long as they did. I went into the store when I was driving up (or down) Route 9. Now I admit these were "off hours" but I found the store nearly always empty. I always questioned the turnover of the produce and other perishables.

            Also, the name "Amish Market" suggests to me that the food, produce, meat, etc. would be wholesome and delicious. (I remember going into a food shop in Grand Central Terminal that was run by an Amish family and being wowed by what was there--if I remember correctly everything was made by the Amish.) I guess I expected the Hyde Park store to be somewhat similar. But the "Amish Market" was similar to Shoprite or Stop and Shop. a name dreamed up by some marketing people.

            Hopefully, a super good supermarket will open up in the Valley; however I really doubt it since we do not have the right demographics.

        2. Unfortunately, the Amish Market in Hyde Park closed last week.