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Looking for good lunch eats around 8th St--NYU

So I just started a new job at NYU and I need good,inexpensive (ha) places to eat around the area. I'm a Brooklyn-girl so I'm familiar with all the great spots there, and although I eat around here with my husband for casual dining I simply don't know this area like I should. Its a whole new world and I'm ready to find good, inexpensive, healthy food options. I know some of the spots like Chipotle and Au Bon Pain...but I'm really trying to find something I can pick-up and go when I don't feel like bringing lunch that is healthier. I eat almost anything (except red meat and pork).
Thank you!

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  1. Angelika's kitchen on 12th st. off second ave. is great- they have a take-out place next door to their restaurant- reasonable, delicious and vegetarian....

    1. Space Market is a deli on University Place and Waverly. Some things are overpriced but their sandwiches are excellent, bagels too. They have everything, 24/7.

      Wichcraft on 8th and Broadway has good soups, also slightly more expensive sandwiches

      1. -- Karen's (Astor, east of Broadway, north side of street) has lots of healthy inexpensive soups
        -- Grand Sichuan on St.Marks can be healthy if you order that way: i.e. cucumber w/ scallion sauce, chicken/loofah soup, etc and they give you the option of brown rice)
        -- Soba-ya (9th St between 3rd/2nd Ave)...assorted soba options and bento boxes
        -- Mamoun's Falafel on St.Marks
        -- and you're only a five minute walk from the Whole Foods salad/cooked-food bar on 14th St.

        1. Go see the dosa man on the south side of Washington Square. Great stuff and cheap too. FYI, I think he's on vacation all next week and will be back on the 16th.

          1. lapalapa 8th and1st, 10.95 lunch salad and veggie enchiladas w/mole delicious...

            1. St. Mark's Market on St. Mark's b/w 2nd and 3rd ave. has really great, yet super cheap sushi. (I'm talking $4 for cali rolls and tuna rolls). They also have delish sandwiches.

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                Bagel Bobs -- on 8th and University. So good -- try the veggie tuna wrap. I'm a student in the area and I've been going there a ton over the past two years -- they start making the wrap for me if they see me at the back of the line AND they give me free sodas every time :)

              2. Agree with the above about Karen's. Great veggie chili, and I just tried their mexican wrap for the the first time and I am already addicted. Its all healthy too!

                1. Otto
                  Pio Maya (call ahead, they've been renovating as of late)
                  Roll & Dough / Bing Lady (ditto, and stick to the bings)

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                      Bummer. I hardly knew her.

                      I can report that Pio Maya is up and running.

                  1. When I worked around there I found that some of the best deals were actually food carts, the student center right next to Bobst, there is a campus place near Mercer and Waverly called All About Food. A half a block away is a middle eastern take out place with healthy fare that is relatively inexpensive. Also Pizza Mercato on Waverly or the pizza place down on 3rd. Also down on 3rd is the Bing place (next to the basketball court). Chipotle can add up as can Au Bon Pain but you can get a nice lunch special from Cafetasia. I also meant to try Planet Gyro but never did. If you are ever in the are of Fairchild try the Mexican place near the corner of 12th and 6th Avenue.

                    1. There used to be a little Japanese deli on Sullivan Street between 3rd and Bleecker that had great cheap takeout, including steamed dumplings and fabulous tapioca radish chicken dumplings. MacDougal between Bleecker and 3rd has at least 3 decent falafel places, and I think the Kati Roll company. If you head over to Bleecker just west of 6th you'll hit a great little food corridor -- Amy's Bread, Murray's cheeses (both have great sandwiches), a couple of good Italian pastry shops.