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Jul 5, 2007 01:49 PM

Looking for good lunch eats around 8th St--NYU

So I just started a new job at NYU and I need good,inexpensive (ha) places to eat around the area. I'm a Brooklyn-girl so I'm familiar with all the great spots there, and although I eat around here with my husband for casual dining I simply don't know this area like I should. Its a whole new world and I'm ready to find good, inexpensive, healthy food options. I know some of the spots like Chipotle and Au Bon Pain...but I'm really trying to find something I can pick-up and go when I don't feel like bringing lunch that is healthier. I eat almost anything (except red meat and pork).
Thank you!

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  1. Angelika's kitchen on 12th st. off second ave. is great- they have a take-out place next door to their restaurant- reasonable, delicious and vegetarian....

    1. Space Market is a deli on University Place and Waverly. Some things are overpriced but their sandwiches are excellent, bagels too. They have everything, 24/7.

      Wichcraft on 8th and Broadway has good soups, also slightly more expensive sandwiches

      1. -- Karen's (Astor, east of Broadway, north side of street) has lots of healthy inexpensive soups
        -- Grand Sichuan on St.Marks can be healthy if you order that way: i.e. cucumber w/ scallion sauce, chicken/loofah soup, etc and they give you the option of brown rice)
        -- Soba-ya (9th St between 3rd/2nd Ave)...assorted soba options and bento boxes
        -- Mamoun's Falafel on St.Marks
        -- and you're only a five minute walk from the Whole Foods salad/cooked-food bar on 14th St.

        1. Go see the dosa man on the south side of Washington Square. Great stuff and cheap too. FYI, I think he's on vacation all next week and will be back on the 16th.

          1. lapalapa 8th and1st, 10.95 lunch salad and veggie enchiladas w/mole delicious...