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Jul 5, 2007 01:40 PM

Bebo is Disgraceful

It was my second time in 5 months to dine at Bebo. Both times I had bad experiences. It has been 3 weeks and I have not gotten any kind of response to the self explanatory email. Obviously the restaurant is run by people who dont care about hospitality, the industry or the people who pay their bills.

" Roberto Donna, Management or to whom it may Concern,

I was reluctant to write an email to share my dining experience this past Sunday evening, however, after a few days passing I feel compelled to do so. I was going out on a date and had been craving risotto all day. I remembered a great risotto I had at Galileo and thought that Bebo would be worth the 30 minute drive to get a simply prepared, satisfying dish. In between water glasses being set and water being poured, I had plenty of time to notice both had lipstick stains. Problem fixed with two new, non matching glasses. I asked for a wine list and picked out a bottle of Friuli. I was then informed Bebo was out of not only the bottle I chose, but of all the Friuli on the wine list. So I was recommended a Trebbiano d Abruzzo. Different grape and region, but satisfying even with the chipped wine glass I received. Bebo was also out of both Prosciuttos that you offer on the menu. The fried Zucchini Blossoms were tasty but small in portion, and the asparagus risotto was a major disappointment. Well cooked, but poorly made. The rice had nice texture but the only flavor on the entire plate was the little bit of Parmesan that was sprinkled around it. Tasted as if it had been cooked with water and no salt.

Thank you for your attention to this Email. As I stated earlier I was hesitant to send a complaint, but I felt you should be aware of the everyday happenings at your tables."

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  1. First I think your e-mail gives good and very specific examples of your dissappointments. Second, did you ask to speak with a manager once you recieved a chipped glass, or under-seasoned rissotto? I would be interested to see what thier response would be to those problems. And, they are problems.
    Without an e-mail response, I would contact someone directly via e-mail ( not just a generic address) or more importantly via phone. Ask to whom you are speaking and what thier position is. I would ask for a resolution to your grievance, that is satisfactory to both parties. Hold them to it.
    I would hope that this is an oversight ( the lack of response....but don't blame you if you don't hold your breath). Give them all the chances you can to rectify the situation, which includes the above.

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    1. re: monavano

      I doubt it's an oversight- they've seemed to have this attitude from start to finish even while in the restaurant. This palce needs a serious attitude adjustment. Here's the problem- they put out acceptable food for the prices- when it's done right and served promptly. Which is rare.

      1. re: jpschust

        Gosh, what happened to the total thrill of eating there when they first opened? So many folks posted about the dishes: sausage, fish, tartar, desserts etc....
        It is such a shame. I ate there about 4 months after they opened and while the service had issues (ie: could be kitchen) there were some really great dishes to be had.
        Is it just that RD is biding his time in Crystal City? What is the deal>
        Now, with the pizza ovens supposedly firing, I'd love to go again.
        It's not that far, and I'd love to give the benefit of the doubt. The prices were so good. Ah, maybe too much to wish for.......thoughts?

        1. re: monavano

          I have read with amazement many posts from unhappy Bebo diners. Reading their experiences, I would be very unhappy if these things happened to me. However, I have dined there a number of times, both when it was new and recently, and have always had good service and great food, and I am very particular about food and service. I guess I am just lucky.

    2. Gosh--- we ate at Bebo last week and the service was horrendous (thank you to the original poster for going into such detail- I cannot pain myself to relieve the experience). We escalated our issues to the manager (calmly and in a relaxed fashion... kind of like"this must be a fluke please help us") and he was totally indifferent. Not just a little but totally and completely.

      Our food on the other hand was quite good but it could not make up for the overall horrible experience.

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      1. re: ChocoHound

        Funny, I've eaten lunch there a few times and never had a problem with service, or the food . . .