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Jul 5, 2007 01:36 PM

my very pregnant sister needs to eat...


My mom and I are bringing my sister out for a baby-shower-late-lunch this Sunday and the meal is really going to be fuel for baby related shopping more than anything. So I need great suggestions for a restaurant on the way to the Long Island shopping we're going to do - preferably east queens or nassau county??
Anything easy (since my sister is two weeks away from being due and very pregnant.) and delicious (for the same afore mentioned reason.)

Thanks so much everyone!

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  1. Every time I'm in Westbury country road shopping area, which is about once a week or every other week, I go to Azjerbijan Grill on Country Road, a bit past fortunoff's...excellent Azerbijan Persian food..they have an excellent lunch special--good kebabs, big portions, good salads, and apps as well..

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      I got nothing - I don't know east Queens or Nassau, and the Persian place sounds great. However, you should check with your sister as to what she can eat at this stage of the game. Often, this late in a pregnancy, food sits very heavily and spicy things lead to killer indigestion. It may not be the best time to sample lots of heavily spiced food. Maybe really good "comfort food" might go down better.

    2. You're coming from the boroughs, Belt Parkway, perhaps? My family really likes Gino's on Cross Bay Blvd. Nothing crazy, just good pizza and entrees in a nice setting. Its simple food, its filling, and its relatively near the highway.