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Jul 5, 2007 01:30 PM

charlotte, nc - need rec'n for good date resto (gift for newlyweds)

hey all -- i'd like to buy my friend a gift certificate to go out on a date with his new wife in charlotte - not from those parts, don't know the scene...i'Il spend about 50-60 bucks (wish i could afford more!)-- whats a nice place to send them where 50-60 bucks would cover most of the food? and i suppose, importantly, would have a gift certificate i could purchase, or at least allow me to set them up with a tab....any help would be great!

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  1. Hey there. How thoughtful of you.

    I live in Raleigh, but when I come to Charlotte I love to dine at the Mimosa Grill which is uptown on Tryon St. ( - by the way, I think their website pretty much sux and in no way reflects the beautiful atmosphere or the high quality of their fare). I think $50/60 would cover most of a dinner for two!

    You have the typical high-end chains in Charlotte (Ruth's Chris, Sullivans, Mortons, Capital Grille, The Palm, but I think they would more more at least $100+),

    and they also have a Noble's Grill (which I think is just a very small regional chain with great fare), too, which might be a very nice choice. Nobles is like modern French/ Mediterranean

    1. I think it really depends on what side of town they live on. If they live down near Union County, you don't want to send them to Huntersville and vice versa. Mimosa is pretty good and Nobles is excellent, but unfortunately way more expensive than your already generous price range. I might suggest Villa Antonio, since they have two locations, but check the prices online. Another really good choice is the Providence restaurants - Providence Cafe, Providence Bistro. Very nice, very good, not as pricey as Nobles. If you can give an area of town it'll be easier to suggest. There are tons of fabulous restaurants all over Charlotte.

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        yeah, last time i was there i know he lived downtown -- he works for bank of america and had just a few minute walk to work in the morning. i assume they live there (i think she works there too) but i can't be sure whether things have changed since the knot was tied....

        1. re: fatstern

          In that case, Tehama's suggestions above are really good location wise. There are also quite a few good restaurants in NoDa and Elizabeth that would be close by and more reasonably priced. Would have to defer to others on suggestions though.

      2. Volare on Elizabeth for very nice Italian in a beautiful spot.

        Solera on N Caswell for Mediterranean in a new and excellent restaurant

        Prickly Pear in Mooresville for a different and interesting Modern Mexican in a remodeled church.

        Mickey and Mooch in Huntersville for great food and service in a highly poplular restaurant. Very busy and a bit loud, but very good.

        Manzetti's for great steak behind South Park at better prices than those Morton guys.

        Dressler's in Huntersville for great food where all the beutiful people are. Can sit outside and watch them on a nice night.