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Jul 5, 2007 01:15 PM

Taberna del Alabardero

Does anyone know Taberna del Alabardero? I want to celebrate a birthday there for Flamenco night (I'm told it's the best Spanish food in DC) but there's only one thing on the menu - tuna with pepper and thyme sauce. Do you know how it is?

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  1. I've had great lunches and a dinner there. I always ordered tapas and everything was really good. Others at lunch had entrees and were very impressed with the quality. It's a really nice place. Maybe you should check if you can order tapas when they do flamenco night (call and ask). The Spanish wine selection is good too. I haven't had the tuna with pepper and thyme sauce. I think going to Taberna del Alabardero when they have the regular menu available would be more enjoyable. But experiencing flamenco there will be great; I'm sure only the best in the area perform there.

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      It's a set menu but it does include tapas, gazpacho and' just that there are no choices and, seeing as I'm surprising someone, I was wonderring if it was a risk.

    2. Please realize that claims like 'best Spanish food in DC' are meaningless. There are four Spanish restaurants in DC, serving different styles. Taberna, Jaleo, Churreria Madrid, and Rincon Espanol. There is also the chain, La Tasca. Taberna is the fanciest and most expensive. The latter two are downscale and inexpensive. There are a couple more in the suburbs, particularly Rockville. I work near Taberna, and I very much enjoy certain tapas, especially when they are available half price, and some of their more exotic dishes. Taberna is well known for serving underseasoned food. In the case of tuna, I think you will be just fine as it has a lot of flavor on its own. It is a highly elegant place, and I think you will do very well under the circumstances.

      i would not even begin to compare Taberna to the better places in Miami, though.

      1. We love Taberna so when the Flamenco Night rolled around a couple of years ago we decided to sign up. Our table was located in such a way that we had an excellent sight line of the dancing. However, all tables are not created equal. The dancers make a modest effort to move through the restaurant, but I would have been disappointed trying to see from some tables. Perhaps the situation has changed over the years. Perhaps the diners with poor sight lines left their tables during the show for a better view. (The show did not continue throughout the evening the time we attended.)

        If you're already nervous about the food offerings, I recommend you talk with the restaurant about your table location.

        1. I've never been for Flamenco night but did go a few times for their Happy Hour Tapas special and LOVED the food and Sangria. (Btw the happy hour deal is probably the best discounts in town considering how expensive it usually is to eat there.)

          My boyfriend has been a bunch of times and has tried lots of items and has loved them all. He lived in Spain for awhile and said the food certainly stands up to the real thing.

          In terms of the tapas we had so many and almost all were absolutly delicious. The croquets in particular stand out in my mind. I could have eaten a million of them! :)

          1. Taberna del Alabardero is MAGNIFICENT. If you want a fantastic experience, but are on a budget...go for happy hour. From 3 to 7 pm, sangria and tapas are half off. It is the best happy hour in the city!