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Jul 5, 2007 01:14 PM

Which is the best fondue at Artisanal (other than the Stilton)?

I have a reservation at Artisanal tonight specifically because I want fondue. I tried the Stilton and Sauternes a few months ago and thought it was great (though my date thought it was too strong). We are going again for another fondue night and would like to hear opinions on the other fondues that Artisanal offers. I would also love a recommendation for a great wine (by the glass) to go with it. And what is the verdict on the gougeres?


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  1. I had the artisinal fondue and thought it was quite good. The gougeres are ridiculously addictive, we (group of friends) kept ordering them despite having ordered other appetizers and our main courses.

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      Yes - the gougeres are wonderful. I had a nice tuna nicoise last time I was there.

      1. re: MMRuth

        I can't speak to the fondue; but as above posters have said, the gougeres are extraordinary. We almost spoiled our dinner we ate so many!

        1. re: LNG212

          Okay, I have to ask: What are "gougeres"??

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            LS- gougeres are fried pastry with cheese, and sometimes other fillings. They are usually round in shape (thought they need not be), and can resemble "cheese fritters", or even cream puffs, for lack of a better description.

            1. re: vvvindaloo

              Right - they are made of pate a choux dough - like cream puffs - but savory, and with gruyere (usually) cheese in the dough - usually not actually filled. In my experience, they are baked, not fried though.

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                Gougères are not fried. They are baked pâte à choux (cream puff pastry) and they sometimes have cheese in them and sprinkled on them. In France they often have no cheese, but have chopped fresh herbs mixed into the dough.

      2. The last time I was there the special fondue was a 100-cheese fondue. I can't guarantee there were actually 100 cheeses, but it was unique and delicious. The tuna nicoise and gougeres are also great (as folks have said).

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          The cleaning out the fridge fondue cheese. It sounds like the bits and remains of every cheese they have tossed in.

          1. re: DarthEater

            Well the dinner was pretty enjoyable but i have a couple of complaints. We did order the gougeres which were very nice. Then we had the Artisanal blend fondue with beef tips. I found the fondue particularly bland which was disappointing. I forgot to ask about the special fondue, which may have been better. We also shared a cheese plate, which was DEFINITELY the highlight. We tried three cheeses (and the portions were quite generous I thought, especially compared to the fondue which was gone after 10 minutes). The Tallegio was excellent. We also tried a soft goat cheese (I forget its name) which was fine but not great. And the third cheese was a very pungent, strong, toasty cow's milk cheese from Ireland. I believe it is called Arderohn or something like that. But I highly recommend it. All in all, not as good as my first experience at Artisanal with the Stilton fondue. The cheeses were so interesting this time, however, that I think I want to go back for an all-cheese meal, and just try like 10 of them. Has anyone had any memorable cheese experiences at Artisanal? I would like to start writing down recommendations for next time of specific cheeses that people like.

            1. re: mollyjeanette

              If you're just doing cheeses, the pairing flights are pretty nice. I did the aromatic flight (which included that Irish one you described) and was impressed with the wine pairings-- though I did think the wine tastings could have been a bit more generous. In general, I think their blues, British, and Swiss cheeses are the most impressive. If you do the flights and you're sharing with a friend, just be prepared for very small tastings of wine. The Swiss in the aromatic flight, called Kuntener, was excellent. If you enjoy the stinky cheeses, it's a must.

              1. re: williej33

                The wine list at Artisanal is pretty stellar also. Thumbs up to ARTISANAL!!