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Jul 5, 2007 11:50 AM

Saltenas and Bolivian Food

Anyone know where to get Bolivian food, specifically saltenas, around northern california. We live in Sacramento but are willing to make a drive. Thanks!

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  1. Ahhhhh, Saltenas. My mother is Bolivian and the rare time we can cajole her into making them are heaven indeed. With the great crust, the spicy meat, hardboiled egg, raisin and potatoes, all locked in this juicy HOT bundle of heaven. What memories.
    Sorry,can't help you. Just wanted to remember the last saltena I had.
    I went to Buenos Aires last year and did not find anything comparable. Sighhhh.

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      1. The only Bolivian resturants I am familiar with are in Orange County, California. One loction is in Santa Ana , they sell saltenas for less then 2 dollars each.

        Sorry I dont know of any Bolivian food in northern California.

        1. There is only one restaurant I know of in San Francisco's North Beach area. It's called Pena Pachamama and they also have entertainment nightly. Food is on the pricey side and it is so-so, but if you're craving for saltenas they have it.

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