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Jul 5, 2007 11:37 AM

North End Ideas....

I'm heading into the North End Saturday evening for a casual dinner with my wfie. Every time we go in, we get over whemled trying to pick out a place to eat. Each time we have ended up with a good to excellent meal. I'd like to take the guess work out of it and show my wife an excellent meal....Any ideas????

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  1. Casual?

    Antico Forno, Rabia's, Carmen, Marco (I'm not saying they're all really inexpensive, although Antico Forno and Rabia's are; they're just all relatively casual).

    1. Marco, Limoncello, La Brace and Pomodoro are my favorites

      1. I recommend Prezza. What are some of the places you've been, so we won't duplicate?

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        1. re: Taralli

          We've been to Cantina Italiana, La Famiglia Giorgio
          Fiore, Massimos and of course Mike's to end the night.

          1. re: ljt064

            Try Modern or Maria's instead of Mike's this time.

            1. re: Taralli

              Second. Modern is much better than Mike's.

              Go to Neptune for the raw bar -
              Pop in to Antico Forno next door for some oven-baked pasta -
              Stop in to Cafe Victorio for cappuchinos and sfoggliatelle.

        2. For something a little different than the standard Italian, Taranta is casual and has never disappointed me. I've had a number of great meals there. We've taken guests there too, and everyone always likes their meals.

          1. A place for some reason that gets overlooked on this board - Monica's on Richmond St. When I lived in the N. End that was my place of choice to take visiting family and friends. (Not to be confused with the family pizzeria on Prince St.) On a weekend you will need a reservation.

            Not to hijack the thread but i'd be interested why Monica's is not often mentioned on this board. My experience is the food and service is generally very good.

            Another I like very much, and more in line with the places you've been is L'Osteria on Salem St. Very traditional red sauce place. Try the antipasta and the veal agrodolce.

            Agree with all the other posts, especially about the desserts and Neptune Oyster.

            Have fun!

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            1. re: pasuga

              I've generally heard good things about Monica's but never eaten there myself; which is why I never mention it. I do patronize the shop on Salem/Prince. Just for an FYI, Monica's just opened a wine bar next to the Richmond St store..haven't been there yet either..

              I don't think the fact that a restaurant isn't mentioned a lot means that it's not necessarily good..just that the people who post here don't often post about it. In the NE, I tend to stick to a few my case Artu, Daily Catch,Marco Massimino's, Neptune, Limoncello, Prezza, Il Pannino, Umberto Gallera, Regina's..and an occassional newcomer. Not to say those are the only good places, but those are MY places..:) I've enjoyed Antico Forno and L'Osteria when I go; but it's not that often.

              Places I was not crazy about were Mother Anna's and La friend's suggestions.and have only made the1 visit

              1. re: pasuga

                I'm really glad to see someone else mention L'Osteria. I'm not sure why it flies under the radar, but that's okay because I can always get a seat!!!

                I've really never had anything there I didn't love, but my special favorites are the Straw and Hay Pasta, the Zuppa di Pesce and the Eggplant Parm (especially if Nick is in the kitchen)!

                For dessert... well, Mike's made the only chocolate cake I ever spit out in my life. It tasted like soapsuds. Modern is my favorite place for desserts, cookies as well as cakes, cannoli, etc, and of course, the world-famous Torrone!