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Jul 5, 2007 11:31 AM

Pizza Topping Ideas for Home? [moved from General Topics]

I have exhausted virtually all pizza topping ideas that I can think of at home with all wacky combos, etc.. and am more than open to new ones.

Does anyone have anything that they would recommend that is different and something that others would probably not think of? Thanks.

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  1. I don't know if this qualifies as "something that others would probably not think of" but here's what the H and I love: roast some mushrooms (whatever kind you like, chopped, with a little olive oil and black pepper). Spread your dough with grated gruyere cheese, top with the roasted mushrooms, and cook as you would normally. When it comes out cool a bit, then top with fresh arugula that has been tossed with a good amount of fresh squeezed lemon juice, lots of fresh ground black pepper, and some olive oil. The contrast of the rich cheese, earthy mushrooms and the cool, tart lemon and peppery arugula is really amazing.

    1. My favorite homemade pizza:
      Whole wheat crust
      spicy tomato sauce
      Grilled broccolini
      julienned sun dried tomatoes
      goat cheese
      a light sprinkle of grated reggiano

      1. Fig, arugula and gorgonzola. Though I'm sure someone has thought of it. Add some crumbled cooked pancetta and goat cheese (leave off the gorg.) for a change.
        I also love entire cloves of roasted garlic and fresh basil. Not original, but my favorite by far.

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          Arugula, Procuttio and Mozz
          Potatoes , onions and rosemary evo
          Tomatoes , Black olives and Anchovies

        2. Top crust with ricotta cheese and roasted garlic, bake until done, and then top that with arugula(or whatever greens you have) tossed with a bit of balsamic. So simple and yet so satisfying. When I have leftover grilled chicken I will put a thin layer of bbq sauce on crust and top with sauteed peppers and onion, grilled chicken, and monterey jack then again bake or grill until done.

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            We make a pizza with cilantro pesto and marinated shrimp that is awesome! Marinate peeled deveined shrimp in olive oil, salt, pepper and the juice from half a lemon for 10 minutes. Brush crust with pesto made from cilantro and a sprinkle of jack cheese. (Just a little) Top the pizza with marinated shrimp and cook till cheese melts and shrimp just turn pink. So good with a cold glass of Sancerre or a dry Rose.

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              I did something similar with a leftover mint chimichurri from this Used that as the sauce, topped with yellow tomatoes and shrimp. Delicious!

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              I do the bbq chicken, but I also put pinneaple with this sometimes... or red onion.

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