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Pizza Topping Ideas for Home? [moved from General Topics]

I have exhausted virtually all pizza topping ideas that I can think of at home with all wacky combos, etc.. and am more than open to new ones.

Does anyone have anything that they would recommend that is different and something that others would probably not think of? Thanks.

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  1. I don't know if this qualifies as "something that others would probably not think of" but here's what the H and I love: roast some mushrooms (whatever kind you like, chopped, with a little olive oil and black pepper). Spread your dough with grated gruyere cheese, top with the roasted mushrooms, and cook as you would normally. When it comes out cool a bit, then top with fresh arugula that has been tossed with a good amount of fresh squeezed lemon juice, lots of fresh ground black pepper, and some olive oil. The contrast of the rich cheese, earthy mushrooms and the cool, tart lemon and peppery arugula is really amazing.

    1. My favorite homemade pizza:
      Whole wheat crust
      spicy tomato sauce
      Grilled broccolini
      julienned sun dried tomatoes
      goat cheese
      a light sprinkle of grated reggiano

      1. Fig, arugula and gorgonzola. Though I'm sure someone has thought of it. Add some crumbled cooked pancetta and goat cheese (leave off the gorg.) for a change.
        I also love entire cloves of roasted garlic and fresh basil. Not original, but my favorite by far.

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          Arugula, Procuttio and Mozz
          Potatoes , onions and rosemary evo
          Tomatoes , Black olives and Anchovies

        2. Top crust with ricotta cheese and roasted garlic, bake until done, and then top that with arugula(or whatever greens you have) tossed with a bit of balsamic. So simple and yet so satisfying. When I have leftover grilled chicken I will put a thin layer of bbq sauce on crust and top with sauteed peppers and onion, grilled chicken, and monterey jack then again bake or grill until done.

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            We make a pizza with cilantro pesto and marinated shrimp that is awesome! Marinate peeled deveined shrimp in olive oil, salt, pepper and the juice from half a lemon for 10 minutes. Brush crust with pesto made from cilantro and a sprinkle of jack cheese. (Just a little) Top the pizza with marinated shrimp and cook till cheese melts and shrimp just turn pink. So good with a cold glass of Sancerre or a dry Rose.

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              I did something similar with a leftover mint chimichurri from this http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo.... Used that as the sauce, topped with yellow tomatoes and shrimp. Delicious!

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              I do the bbq chicken, but I also put pinneaple with this sometimes... or red onion.

            3. OK I'm single so I buy the Naan bread at my bakers and freeze it then take them out one at a time when I am grilling pizza. They make excellent crusts for a one person pizza.

              My fave toppings:
              Roasted fennel
              Cottage cheese ( i use this as part of the base layer and it gets all gooey)
              SD toms

              other than that all my toppings are kinda run of the mill.
              I do sometimes add Rooster Sauce to the Red Tom Base for a kick.

              That's all I got....

              1. Try experimenting with the crust.

                As commercial as it may sound a stuffed crust can be great.
                One of my favorite home made crusts has 1/3 each bread, WW, and rye flours. NY style thin.
                Focaccia can make a great crust. I suggest you keep the toppings very simple.

                As for tomato sauce, my favorite is simply just Muir Glen fire roasted tomatos. Drain the juice or it will be too wet.

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                  Another experiment - we grilled pizza on the backyard gas grill for the first time last night. We used firebrick for the cooking surface. Worked out great!

                  One was a red pizza topped with a homemade sauce with fresh herbs, aparagus,
                  chicken sauteed in garlic and rosemary, and fresh mozzarella. The other was a white pizza with spinach, grated fresago (a local variation of asiago), and sauteed porto mushrooms.

                2. You can always go the UK way and add tandoori chicken. Though personally, I'm more a fan of using saag paneer as a sauce/topping.

                  Other good fusion-y options: zaalouk (Moroccan eggplant salad); kimchi; spicy Calabrese bruschetta topping (this one's a family recipe, but I'm sure you can buy it); artichoke spread; satay; Chinese greens in garlic sauce; etc.

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                    and of course tinned corn.

                    I know Americans think corn on pizza is wierd but many other countries add it to pizza. I personally love it.

                  2. I don't know if this is that different, but we often do roasted zucchini, sometimes with roasted peppers/mushrooms/garlic.

                    1. carmalized red onion, goat cheese.
                      grilled eggplant, oregano and ricotta cheese

                      When California Pizza Kitchen first opened in LA - they had a cold pizza- tuna salad made with finely chopped red onion, capers, mayo, bit of mustard.all mixed together. The pizza dough was cooked right out of the oven and the the cold tuna salad was put onto the dough then sprinkled with celantro.. I loved this pizza it was a fun summer lunch.

                      1. have you gone the sweet route?

                        honey, walnuts, blue cheese and proscuitto on a white pizza?

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                          chuck a few sliced figs on it and I'm sold

                        2. rub the crust with a little olive oil, put crushed garlic, then spinach and feta cheese. Sometimes I add sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

                          1. During the warm weather, we cook pizza outside on the grill. The favorite combos at the moment are:

                            - mozzerella, fontina, grilled pineapple and proscuitto
                            - fontina, blanched, thinly sliced red potatoes, proscuitto or cooked bacon pieces, chopped garlic, chopped dried or fresh chiles de arbol
                            - mascarpone, smoked salmon, arugula

                            Note that each are sauceless.

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                              My fave (similar to Q Bee) is fig jam spread like the sauce, topped with sauteed onions, gorgonzola....and proscuitto (optional).

                              A wonderful combo of sweet and savory.

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                                That sounds sooo good! I am going to have to try this.

                            2. Transcendent.
                              Fontina, roasted cremini mushrooms, truffle oil, and shaved grana padano.
                              Cook to somewhat well done, not pale! ... ... ... I had mine grilled. It was excellent.

                              1. Very simply roasted red peppers out of a jar, and Chorizo....it is great !!! Also another I like is Banana Peppers and Sopresseta, try chuncks of fresh Mozzarella or even Feta.

                                1. My bf calls this "the good pizza" and it started as leftovers.

                                  Grilled chicken breast (preferably that's been marinated in Italian dressing)
                                  Crumbled Bacon
                                  Caramelized Onions
                                  WHOLE milk mozzarella & provolone slices
                                  Drizzle of olive oil

                                  This is seriously amazing. I use Trader Joe's focaccia as the crust with about half a can of italian style stewed tomatoes as the sauce. Really really good.

                                  1. hi yankeefan!try bacon and banana!my absolute favourite! i also add fresh garlic,feta and fresh mozzarella,the sweetness from the banana and the savoury salty bacon and feta and creamy melted mozza balls is to die for!

                                    1. I'm a sucker for the classics: pineapple or mushroom. But how about this for a fresh idea?:

                                      Chickpea pesto with goat cheese and tomatoes...I had those three items on a piece of bread for a snack but the more I think about it, they'd make a GREAT pizza!! Mmm... Let me know if you try it out.

                                      1. prosciutto/caper pizza

                                        pizza crust (on the thin side), allow it to mostly cook, bring out. Let it cool a bit then assemble in the following order:

                                        Drizzle white truffle oil
                                        Generous layer of shredded mozzarella cheese
                                        one sliced red tomato (remove some seeds if too seedy), distributed evenly
                                        about 16 slices previously cripsed pancetta, distributed evenly
                                        Genrous sprinkling of capers over the entire assembly.

                                        Put back in hot oven, allow cheese to melt/get bubbly.


                                        1. Here's another, I'm sure EatNopal will agree with me:

                                          Nopal and Chorizo Pizzetta (small pizza)

                                          One pizzetta with Thin crust, neopolitan style. brush on olive oil, bake until almost ready, take out, allow to cool
                                          spread a layer of goat cheese (the warmth of the crust allows easy spreading)
                                          light topping of Nopal strips (if you use the one in the jar, can, make sure excess moisture is squeezed out),
                                          Light topping of Crumbled, previously cooked chorizo.
                                          Put back in oven, allow crust to finish.


                                          1. My favorite right now:
                                            Slow roasted tomatoes (Combine 1 tsp each confectioner's sugar, freshly ground pepper and kosher salt: Sprinkle over tomatoes, sliced 1/4" thick. Bake 250 x1 hr.

                                            Onion butter: Slice onions (vidalias are nice), and slowly fry in olive oil, preferably in a cast iron pan. Add a pinch of salt and sugar to enhance the flavor

                                            Grated pecorino romano

                                            Spread the onions on the dough first, layer the tomatoes, then top with romano.....

                                            1. here are some of mine:

                                              double smoked bacon and fig
                                              artchoke heart, sun-dried tomatoes and fontina
                                              pesto,chicken, kalamata olive, feta, green pepper, red onion
                                              onions caramalized with bourbon & maple syrup and pulled pork

                                              1. Heyy. I madee a great pizza yestoday from scratch. I made the basee to. My topping was cranberry and blue cheese. It was suprisingly good! Hope you try it. Sarah x

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                                                  i made one last weekend using sliced potatoes, shredded turkey and cranberry sauce... well-received...

                                                  blue cheese also pairs nicely with grapes, chopped walnuts or pecan and a drizzle of honey.

                                                  1. re: Emme

                                                    Shredded chicken
                                                    Red onions
                                                    Jack or Pepperjack cheese

                                                    Olive oil on the crust
                                                    Very thinly sliced zucchini (I use a vegetable peeler, but a mandolin also works)
                                                    Very thinly sliced and seeded lemon
                                                    Green olives

                                                    Olive oil for the crust
                                                    Thinly sliced new potatoes
                                                    Thinly sliced cured sausage--apple is good

                                                2. The wackiest pizza toppings I ever had were from a pizza place in Tampa. They had over 100 toppings, including sliced almonds. So one time I had a garlic and almond pizza - it was really good!

                                                  1. one i love has pork belly, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, gorgonzola, and a drizzle of saba (vino cotto). I like a fried egg on mine.

                                                    1. I make a pizza with vinaigrette (a sweeter flavored one works well, also make sure the crust keeps it from leaking out, as I'm liberal with the quantity), mozzarella, pear (Bosc or Asian works well for baking), red onion and dried cranberries, drizzled with honey. One of my best hits.

                                                      1. It may seem a little lowbrow, but I'm a big fan of club sandwich fillings on a grilled pizza. Mozzarella mixed with a lot of shredded cheddar, chopped cooked chicken, crumbled bacon, tomato, sliced red onion and then top the cooked pizza with shredded lettuce lightly mixed with a little mayo. Good for a hot day.

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                                                          I've heard good things about a BLT pizza that's finished the same way with lettuce and mayo. I will attempt one soon.

                                                        2. Have you tried asparagus tips, paper-thin slices of lemon, (Meyer or otherwise), prosciutto, and goat cheese? No sauce, of course.
                                                          My favorite!