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Jul 5, 2007 11:23 AM

Frontera Grill

I tried in vain to get reservations at Topolobampo for my mother in law's visit in a few weeks, so we are thinking about Frontera instead. Does anyone know if we can order from the Topolo menu? I'd love to get some tortilla soup. Thanks!

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  1. Hey lizOP,
    Yes, you can order some items from the Topolo menu - the tortilla soup is one of them! It's wonderful... And don't fret: I think Frontera is fantastic, too! I believe some of the raw bar items are available as well... Hope this helps and enjoy!

    1. You can get same day reservations if you call first thing in the morning - 8:30ish, I'm told.

      1. Has anybody tried Frontera Fresco? If so , how is that place?

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          It is very much a fast food place, but excellent for what it is - very fresh greens and more intense/interesting flavors than you'd get elsewhere. If you're on a budget both time and money wise and are on State Street, I'm not sure how much better you can do.