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Jul 5, 2007 11:21 AM

Lebovitz's Fresh Mint Ice Cream: ew?

I made this last night and was REALLY disappointed in it. Has anyone else made it with better success?

It was totally not minty enough (I ended up having to add mint extract, which is really a completely different flavor, but otherwise it would have just tasted like plain vanilla) and I thought it was much too eggy tasting.

Everything from that book has gotten such rave reviews that I think it must have been some sort of operator error. Any comments? Or should I just mark through that recipe and move on?

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  1. Ha! I just read the "Perfect Scoop" thread and it looks like some other folks agree. Next time I'll double the mint leaves (or more) and leave out the eggs.


      Not that I'm all that but that recipe is really good & is a variation of the one that we used to make for Sea Salt when they first opened.

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        Thanks for linking your recipe, sugarbuzz. Interestingly, your recipe looks similar to David's, although he uses DOUBLE the mint (2 cups). I notice that he doesn't call for bruising or tearing the leaves a bit, just steeping them whole in the base. Do you think this makes a huge difference even if one strains and presses the infused base through a sieve? I guess you don't think 5 yolks is too eggy for mint ice cream?

        I just did a search for the one time I made mint ice cream and realized that I actually used your recipe! I used 2 c. of mint and let it steep a bit longer and it was far too minty--reminiscent of Scope. So I'll have to retract what I said in the other thread about 5 yolks being too eggy; I should really try David's recipe before dissing it.

        Link to my old mint ice cream post: