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Uses for watermelon juice?

While making fruit salad for a picnic, I decided I didn't want to cut around the seeds, so I juiced that section. I have 3 cups of juice.

The thing is I don't like watermelon aqua fresca or watermelon juice. Maybe there is something like a herb or flavoring that would change the flavor like watermelon - lime aqua fresca. Something to punch it up ... speaking of which ... any liquor have an affinity for watermelon juice ... has to have flavor ... not vodka ... that doesn't change the flavor.

I'm thinking actually of making fresh watermelon jello ... but same thing ... anything I can add to, uh, kick up the flavor.

Anything else to do with watermelon juice? I'm not at all into cold fruit soups so that is not something I'd make.

How long will watermelon juice keep?

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  1. I like the idea of the watermelon-lime combination. I'd try watermelon and pineapple as well.
    If you're going for alcoholic, how about coconut rum?
    I'm not a big fan of the juice either. Almost too cloyingly sweet.

    1. freeze and use in smoothies or frozen drinks maybe?

      1. watermelon gin and tonic with mint....yum! Or freeze it for a bit and make a watermelon margarita.

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          Makes me think that a watermelon mojito may be darn good too.

        2. If you have a toddler around (I have a 16 month old and recently did this) put 2 ounces in a sippy cup and then fill it with 5-6oz of water. My DD loved it----probably because we never give her juice. I know that's probably not what you had in mind but maybe someone will try it/

          1. Lime & Piquin Peppers could make it interesting... otherwise Mint or Basil in sorbet?

            1. I had watermelon-lime juice at a juice bar yesterday! It was very refreshing on a HOT day!

              1. How about watermelon gazpacho? I know you said no cold fruit soups, but if you make gazpacho with the normal ingredients..chopped tomato,cuke,zuchhini,onion, etc...and just use the watermelon as the liquid base, it's pretty interesting. I think salt does alot for watermelon.

                1. add lime lime and fresh hot chili, a healthy slug of good tequila, shake, strain into a martini stem. salted rim. righteous.

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                    I had a frozen fresh watermelon juice margarita the other day that was really refreshing. This sounds good too. I like the idea of the chili. Salt really brings out something to watermelon.

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                      Just read a twist on this. You can freeze the watermelon juice to form ice cubes. Put these frozen cubes in the blender when preparing the margarita. No need for ice.

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                      This is indeed the best use of watermelon juice in the middle of the hot summer. Temperatures have been soaring in NYC but I have a ziplock of watermelon juice, cucumber slices, mint, lime juice and chili waiting for me in the fridge. Everyday, after work, I blend 2 parts juice to 1 part silver tequila and a tablespoon of triple sec and relax with the most refreshing drink I've discovered this summer: Cucumber-watermelon chili margaritas.

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                        I was also going to recommend using it in margaritas. We did this earlier this summer and it was nice and refreshing. The lime is a great match for the watermelon. We didn't think of the hot chile, but that sounds great too.

                      2. Watermelon lime sorbet would be awesome. Make a simple syrup, then for the fruit, 4 parts watermelon juice to 1 part lime juice. I think that would be really good. But I'm a sucker for all things frozen.

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                          Freeze it and used it to flavor a vanilla frozen yogurt. I second the sorbet idea.

                          It could be frozen in cubes and used to keep a fruit punch cold. They add flavor and wont dilute the flavor as it melts.

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                            I just thaw a can of limeade concentrate. There is more lime flavor.

                          2. freeze the juice into cubes and add to wine spritzers, to enhance fruit teas but next time don't juice the leftovers, grill em; really unique taste.

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                              have you thought about makeing jelly out of that?

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                                bigjimb, do you mean jelly out of grilled watermelon?

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                                  who said it was grilled. I thought it was juice only.

                            2. Bring along the watermelon juice to your outdoor picnic. Spill a little of it several feet away from you. Instead of bothering you, the ants will all congregate at the spilled juice, and you'll enjoy an ant-free picnic.

                              1. Watermelon is the highest source food for POTASSIUM and the juice would be an great. It is full of antioxidants as well. So don't worry about a little sweet taste sensation. Extremely healthy on a HOT sunney day, when fluids are essential.

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                                  It is not the sweetness that bothers me, it is just the whole taste that skeeves me out. Love watermelon ... juice itstelf ... ick.

                                  Anyway, I made jello which was amazing ... AMAZING. It was the texture of the jello which was more like a soft sorbet than a gelatin ... velvety and luxurious.

                                  I added a bit of lime juice and did three different version. In one cup I added chili ... I never have much luck with chili in jello. Only ok. Maybe I should have added salt too. The second cup I left as is ... jucie and lime ... nice texture ... but it still reminded me too much of the juice.

                                  However, the last cup I added a little sugar and the sweetness is what made this sheer deliciousness.

                                  Thanks all for the ideas.

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                                    I've made watermelon infused vodka before and have found a really delicious, unusual cocktail...watermelon infused vodka with tomato juice. You could add the watermelon juice in with tomato juice and vodka for the same taste combo. Also, it would probably make a great addition to a bloody mary.

                                  2. re: nutrition

                                    Under the heading of "Healthy"........here is a website that tells you all you wanted to know about watermelon, and then some! You couldn't comsume anything that is healthier for the body (and wonderful for the taste buds).


                                  3. We have a restaurant where I live, called the Grand Luxe Cafe...They serve a delicious "Watermelon Martini"...I am sure that it is probably just Watermelon juice and Vodka, put in a blender with crushed ice, but it is quite tasty....

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                                      Hmmm ... all the booze ideas ... maybe the 'juice' makes you forget about the juice.

                                      Chow has a non-alcoholic recipes that is just juice and fleur de sel. I'm guessing that salt does take away some of funkiness of the taste.

                                      Will have to try some of the drink ideas next time.

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                                        I had the Martini just that way at Asiate.
                                        I tried to make it at home with chunks of watermelon and ice in the blender. when blended, I add some grey goose vodka, shake up the mixture with some ice and pour it into an ice cold martini glass. it can be toped with a wedge of lime or some fresh mint leaves. The added texture of the fruit, (IMO) is yummy, just like a frozen shake.

                                      2. one of my coworkers recently had a watermelon limeade at lunch. it was basically a lemonade recipe but made with limes instead and watermelon juice and mint were added. it was amazing (and not too sweet which i loved).

                                        1. Well, hopefully those 3 cups of watermelon juice are long gone by now, but since this thread just got revived... :) I was once in a similar situation, and used the juice as the fruit part of the marinade for galbi, instead of the more usual pear juice. It wasn't bad--in fact, I'm not sure I could tell the difference from the more usual version in the end, which was fine by me, since I hate watermelon! I guess this is on a completely different tangent from the other suggestions, but hey, what better than meat, garlic, and chili pepper to kick up the flavor!