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Jul 5, 2007 11:02 AM

White Plains area...Fresh Seafood Shop?

I was wondering if anyone knows of the best fresh seafood counter/store in White Plains? I tried the main grocery stores around here, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, A&P, a few smaller places, they all left my house smelling like nasty fish for weeks which is a bad bad sign.

The Whole Foods Cod and Swordfish I bought I threw away because they smelled so rancid when I got them home. I bought some Tilapia from Apple Farm, smelled like the sea, was nice and fresh. And no smelly house! But I went back for some halibut and it wasn't nearly as good. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. cr_butterfield, except for Imperial Seafood in Mamaroneck, I'm still not impressed with anyone else's seafood.

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    1. re: dolores

      It's me again Dolores. Do you buy from Imperial frequently? I went in once, a while ago, and the store smelled so fishy -- bad fishy, not fresh fishy - that I left w/out a purchase. Maybe it was the trimmings but still. Please tell me more about your experience and maybe I'll go back.

      1. re: laylag

        Imperial smells really fishy to me. I go in there once in a while looking for something, but the smell turns me off and I always leave without buying. I have gotten good fish from time to time at the fish store on Midland Ave. in Port Chester across from Home Depot, but have found it to be hit and miss.

        1. re: Shawn

          I've seen that one and wondered about it. I think I may have to try out Ebb Tide in Port Chester. They are a fish store/resto.

        2. re: laylag

          Hi laylag. No, not in a long while so maybe their quality has slipped.

          It amazes me how much Westchester doesn't have for its residents.

      2. if your willing to take a short drive to stamford, New Wave Seafood on Camp St has the freshest seafood around. it's a distributor for many restos and also has a retail side. It's on Camp Street just off exit 36 on the Merritt.

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        1. re: jfood

          It's been a few years, but I'd concur with this one too... and you have the benefit of speaking with people who actually know what they are talking about (as opposed to any grocery store working behind the fish counter).

          I will say, however, that I end up getting most of my seafood at Stew's. The quality and selection is much better than the average grocery store. That said, I don't claim it's super high end or a sushi grade kind of place...

        2. I'm not sure how the quality is, but there is a large seafood counter in the Kam Sen Chinese Market. As with most Asian seafood places, it's probably hit or miss, but I got good shrimp there once.

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          1. re: jeanki

            Is that the one in the mall at 200 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains? (Same Mall as the DMV?) I didn't buy anything there yet, but I was impressed that they had shrimp with the head on. I did not think it smelled bad either. I tried some of the shrimp from their lunch counter though and I thought it was really good. You can actually buy thawed shrimp w/head without resorting to the 4lb box. (I mean, I am sure it was frozen once).

            1. re: jcmods

              yeah, that's Kam Sen. Official address is on Barker, but it's the same mall you are talking about - at the bottom.

              And yes, you are correct. There's no shimp that makes it to these parts without once being frozen. So, might as well buy frozen, as it often is quick frozen on the boat.

              Kam Sen Foods
              22 Barker Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

          2. Buying fresh seafood in Westchester is difficult. I live near Imperial, so we often buy there, but only very selectively. Believe it or not, I actually find the prices and quality at Balducci's in Scarsdale the best south of 287, not far from White Plains. Also, Matthew Karp, Chef/owner of Plates in Larchmont, sells fresh fish at the Larchmont Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. It is excellent fish, but very expensive.

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            1. re: pobo

              There's a fish store on the Avenue in Greenwich (Bon Ton, I think). Does anyone know if it's any good. It's Greenwich, so I'm assuming it's expensive.

              Also, if you commute in from the city, there are 2 fish stores in the market area in Grand Central, both of which will be happy to pack your fish up with a bag of ice to keep it cold until you get home. We've done well at both. Actually, Wild Edibles was our regular fish store for a long time, but lately they haven't been as wonderful. We had a piece of tuna steak last week that didn't taste like anything.

            2. While there's nothin first rate around the area, I will say that the fish counter at the Tarrytown Gourmet shop on South Broadway does a pretty good job of offering fresh and good quality fish. The lobsters can be good too. You do not get a big fish smell from their store, and the owners/operators seem to care about what they sell.

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              1. re: woodburner

                We just ate a very nice Chilean sea bass steak from Kam Sen last night. We usually get our fish there or at Stew's. Balducci's is a good idea, pobo, I agree that their prices are better now.