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Jul 5, 2007 10:57 AM


When to both recently. While I like the ambience and location of SNOB, the food was much better at FIG.

At SNOB, we started with the mussels and the charcuterie plate. The mussels did not taste fresh, but very fishy. At least they were nice enough to take it off the bill. The charcuterie plate was good, especially the duck liver mousse.

I had the prime rib, which was good. The fish (swordfish i think) with watermelon salad was pretty bad. It was highly recommended by our waitress too. Service was pretty shaky, ie forgot to bring our wine, initially left the mussels on the bill before asking if it was on there and then taking it off.

FIG on the other hand was pleasurable from start to finish. The tagliatelle with lump crab was deliciously light and fresh, although we could've used more of the sweet lump crab in dish.

Entrees were crispy veal sweetbreads with bacon, escarole, and a nice, fresh succotash. Perfect balance of rich meat and vegetables. The other entree was a Portoguese fish stew which was really flavorful. The seafood tasted fresh and the side mayo-based sauce was a good complement.

Then the cheese plate, which was fine, except I was wanting for some honey. The blue was really terrific.

Finally the blueberry crisp, which was marvelous. We should have forgone the cheeseplate and ordered two of these. Could have used a little more ice cream, but now I'm just nitpicking.

To summarize, I would recommend FIG, but not SNOB.

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  1. Thanks for timely posting. We'll be in Charleston next week and you've just made up my mind for me. Hope we like FIGS as much as you did.

    1. I was just ate at the two of them recently and also thought FIG was much better than SNOB. While the food and service at SNOB were very good, everything at FIG was outstanding. I had the flat iron steak, which was amazing. I'd definitely make that the pick.

      1. Well, we went to Charleston and Fig was all that and more. Nobody mentioned the bread which is outstanding. Room is very handsome. Food was great. We had great assortment of appetizers. Salmon tartare and crab with pasta were wonderful. Salmon and pork marinated for a silly amount of time, then breaded and fried was tender and oozing with flavor. Blueberry crisp ended the meal happily. Also it's much easier to park at Fig than SNOB.

        Thanks for pick. It was a memorable evening.