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Jul 5, 2007 10:57 AM

Seattle: Fruit Stand in Wedgwood

I passed 2 fruit stands today in Wedgwood, North Seattle around 77th I think. I didn't catch the name of the farm or any info but is anyone familiar with this fruit stand, in particular, how's the quality of their strawberries and how much they cost? I'm debating if I should make the trip down there again.

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  1. The strawberries are pure sugar and sun. I have a hard time buying less than a 1/2 flat, which I think is $10. These are what the strawberries in our backyard in Portland tasted like when I was growing up. Definitely worth buying. I've bought a few things here and there from the people at the more northern stand. They bring things from their own farm but they also source from California and other WA farms... not a bad place but not the same authenticity as the strawberry folks.

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      Is a 1/2 flat 6 pounds? If so, that's a really good price. I hope I'll have the chance to go before they close. I'll take a look at the fruit van next to the strawberry stand too. Do you happen to remember the name of the strawberry stand farm? I'm trying to find a number I can call to ask how long they'll be open for the summer. Thanks for the help!

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        I think there is a Biringer stand up there someplace, but it is foggy.

    2. If you mean the berry stand in the little hut past the Post Office on 35th, it is wonderful. They start with strawberries in June, get raspberries in July and finish up the season with blueberries and marionberries. You can get mixed flats and mixed half flats. The seller is the farmer himself; the farm is in Olympia (Spooner Farm). I look forward to his stand opening every year. The berries are as excellent as they can be subject to the weather, which has been good so far this year. Well worth the trip. He's usually open into August, although the type of berries that are available will vary depending on the species.