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Jul 5, 2007 10:56 AM

Bay Ridge Help

Pizza? Bagel? Chinese? Diner? Chicken Ceaser salad?

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  1. pizza - grandmas 3rd btween ovington and 69th
    bagel - hot bagels(pink awning) 3rd btween ovington and 72nd
    chinese - havent had in a while, but like 86 noodles on 86th and 4th

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    1. re: bruklinboy

      Pizza~ Pizza Wagon
      Chinese~ 86 Noodles

    2. Pizza- peppinos.
      Chinese- word is Chopstix. I like Chen's Garden. All pretty average
      Diner- best hash browns- Pegasus.
      Caesar Salad- my daughter just got one at Salty Dog and loved it.

      1. Bagel - Dyker Bagels 86th and 7th
        Chinese - Chopstix is a good, cheap crowd-pleaser. Lai Yuen is better but more expensive (101st and 4th).
        Diner - Royal Restaurant 76th and 5th. Great breakfast, huge portions, cheap, pretty ugly inside.

        1. Pizza... Elegante on 69th and 5th (If it's still there)
          Bagels Bagel Boy on 3rd in the 80's (I think)
          Chinese... Cross 65th and 8th and you're in Bklyn Chinatown
          Diner.. George's 5th and about 58th St
          Chicken C Salad?... Does anyone still eat these?

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          1. re: Tay

            elegante's is the best, try the sicilian slice...and originals on 69th and 4th is awesome!

          2. pizza - just tried Peppino's and agree that it seems pretty good. (thin crust, "gourmet" toppings). Also you might try Rocco's (5th & 78th) for more straight-ahead doughy pizza.

            diner - agree on Pegasus, with the one caveat that it can get very crowded on weekends.

            for Caesar salad and other basic It.-Am. classics try Gino's on 5th.

            also, for salads of all kinds Nature's Grill (3rd & 74th) is great.

            chinese - Chopstix is indeed better than the average takeout. there are a few standout dishes, like the fried shrimp w/ chilis. 86 Noodles also has some nice things but I've found that they can also totally let you down on others (Double Sauteed Pork? Avoid like the plague.) Lai Yuen is a "fancy" Chinese restaurant like you might find in Midtown, not particularly authentic but a fun, goofy splurge.