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Jul 5, 2007 10:51 AM

nontraditional guacamole ingredients

Recent posts have talked about guacamole with the following nontraditional additions:

wasabi and a touch of soy sauce, served with rice crackers (Japanachos from jbyoga)

blue cheese, hot peppers, hot sauce (buffalo guacamole from sbp)

black eyed peas, bacon bits, or a tiny amount mayo.

They all sound good. What other nontraditional guacs are out there?

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  1. Pikawicca brought overa sample of this andit was vry good.

    1. Pureed edamame
      Smidge of anchovy paste

      1. I like mine with fruit - apples, pears, peaches...mixed in and when in season pomogranite seeds. Apparently this is traditional in some parts of mexico. People always like it when it is served.

        1. I've been known to mix in a bit of Walkerswood jerk paste into mine.

          1. I made mango salsa last night (mango, cucumber, jalapeno, mint, lime juice, salt, avocado) and decided to throw in the other avocado I had lying around needing to be eaten.
            Turned out to be more guacamole-with-mango-and-cucumber than mango-salsa-with-avocado... but delicious!