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Jul 5, 2007 09:51 AM

Springfield, MA eating?

Help us find some good food around here...we're spending some time at Bay State Med center and staying at the Sheraton downtown. We have a car but don't want to drive too far, there has got to be some Italian or maybe a seafood place.....we are not necessarily looking for fancy dining, just something that is not an Applebees. Thanks!

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  1. I don't think Lido's Italian restaurant is very far from there. Straightforward red sauce joint, but good. Haven't been in a few years, but used to go often as a kid...

    1. There's Chef Wayne's Big Mamou Cajun/Creole
      63 Liberty St., Springfield
      (413) 731-1011

      The Student Prince is right downtown and has excellent German food.
      8 Fort Street, Springfield, MA 01103

      Phone 413-788-6628

      I ate at the restaurant on the ground floor of the Marriott once and it was good.

      For baked goods I recommend La Fiorentina
      883 Main St
      Springfield, MA 01103
      (413) 732-3151

      My family is also spending a lot time lately at Bay State Medical visiting my nephew. We were just there last night in the Daly building. I hope your visit ends up on a positive note.


      1. Springfield downtown isn't easy, so I'm going to just give you the best of what's available: Chef Wayne's Big Mamou is New Orleans-style cuisine, not quite what you've requested, but is very good. It's a small space so try to go early or off-hours. Theodore's on Worthington Street has (for New England) okay bbq and other inexpensive sandwich/grill-type stuff. The Student Prince/Fort is a local institution, it's German food and is somewhat like going back in time. Sitar (Indian), is pretty good, also on Main Street. Pho Saigon (Vietnamese) is very good but is in a totally different neighborhood, so if you go, get good directions.

        1. I would second the rec. for the Student Prince-it may be Geman retro, but the food is so....good.

          Also, if you look out your Sheraton Window, you will see the Basketball Hall of Fame on Columbus. Inside is Max's Tavern, part of a single-owner small restaurant group in this area. We are talking first-rate steaks, crystal-clear icy martinis, and really fresh oysters. Who wouldn't like it? And, if, like me, you aren't huge on basketball, you can skip the hall O' Fame part!

          1. Also in the Basketball Hall of Fame plaza is Pazzo... which is supposed to be very good gourmet food! Haven't been there though, but know people who go frequent it often