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Jul 5, 2007 09:46 AM

Ghazale - College St

Walking by what - until very recently - was Mona's Falafel, I noticed a handwritten sign that ghazale would be opening in it's place. Does anyone know if this is to be location number two, or if they will be vacating their post next to the Bloor Cinema?

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  1. I believe College St is a second location and unfortunately i'm going there later this week. Been to the Bloor one, i can only compare it to the places on Lawrence East in Scar but wasn't impressed with my microwaved sandwich. Can anyone comment on the College location is it just as bad as Bloor? What should i order, is there anything not microwaved?

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      Ghazale's is great for takeout dinner boxes. Definitely one of my Chowhound picks in the Bloor St. area. The cooked veggies, salads, and even the beef curry is pretty decent given the price you're paying. I've ordered a falafel from the once, which was great only because they ran out and it came out fresh from the fryer. I recall the College St. location having a poorer selection of stuff for the takeout boxes than the Bloor St. location.

    2. I don't understand the raves for Ghazale that appear on these boards with some regularity. Beyond being cheap, what's so good about this place? I have eaten there occasionally over the years. I tried them originally because I kept hearing good things. I still end up there occasionally with a group (which barely fits into the Bloor location). I think the food at the Bloor Ghazale is terrible. (I've never been to the other location.)

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        Sadly I must agree with you Emb, I have been allured by the scent emitted by the Bloor loc but the food wasn't very good, the chicken spinning on the stick looked great but my sandwich was made from stuff cut off of one and held in a container, I tried a number of items, including a cabbage roll (I should've known better than to even get this from there) a curried bean dish that was totally bland and the samosa's aren't as good as those at Ghandi or some other spots...a let down overall...

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          I think, embee, that its continued buzz comes down to loyalty and nostalgia, rather than rational judgement of the current product. Time was, years ago, that Ghazale actually was pretty good. They had a broader selection than most places, the meat was usually carved from the spit when ordered, and the chicken liver sandwiches were luscious. Now, it's at best mediocre, and I've long since stopped recommending it.

          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            This is the only lebonese take away i know that does not have pickled turnip.

            The smell of the place is amazing though..

        2. College St - I didn't get a sandwich to avoid the microwave. I think the best bet is the 4 item platter for $6 or 7. Many veggie items, a few rice options, lentils & rice, chick peas & couscous, carrot/potato/tomatoes, okra, zucchini, mushrooms, green beans, hummus, baba ghanouj etc. The veggie samosas are decent and you can add a small lentil soup for $1. You get a big container i couldn't finish, think its worth it.