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Jul 5, 2007 09:32 AM

Cocktails Outside/Metro Detroit

So I'm meeting twin sis, BerkleyGail, for a birthday cocktail tomorrow night. I'm thinking an outside venue would be nice. Any favorites to share? Ciao!

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  1. Sit outside at A Matter of Taste in Commerce Township! It is right on the lake, which lake, i can't recall, but a fun atmosphere.

    1. 220 in Birmingham is a nice place to have a cocktail outside and do some good people watching...but it's a small area and fills up quickly.

      1. The back garden at The Bosco is supposed to be wonderful. La Dolce Vita (on Woodward near 6 in Detroit) also has a wonderful courtyard, one of my favorite places ever and a very cosmopolitan feeling crowd.

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          So where is The Bosco? Both sound great.

          1. re: berkleybabe

            east side of woodward between 9 mile & 696

        2. Big Rock also has great outdoor seating in the summertime.

          1. If you are feeling old school , check out The Old Miami on Cass near downtown , a down and dirty proper Detroit bar , great live music most nights , a historic vibe , and the best backyard urban chill lawn I am aware of . The outdoor space is huge , nicely manicured , well lit , and surrounded by half buried bomb shells and a nice privacy fence . Once a haven for Vietnam vets , it's now a cultural melting pot where one can share a Pabst or a good martini with just about anyone . Bosco = pretentious saps . Just an observation from someone who happens to live in Ferndale . Find a real bar . Or pose with the rest of the crowd . Ditto 220 - overpriced snobbery . But then again I work for a living , so I value my precious dollars .

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              Wow, that's a real throw back! Great idea--it's on the map for this summer!