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Jul 5, 2007 08:49 AM

Best Noodles in Boston?

Hey, I live and go to school in the Boston area, and i was looking for a good noddle place. I tried Noodle St. by BU, and it was good but our meal was tainted by friends showing up an hour late. I am not looking for any specific in types of cuisine, just some good noddles. Oh, and for those who have not had the chance to try, I recommend the Rice Barn in Needham Center, where the old Chinese restaruant was.

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  1. I'm no expert, but some locals whose expertise on the subject I trust have had good things to say about Ken's Ramen in the Super 88 in Allston. It's an actual sit-down restaurant separate from the excellent food court there (which features my favorite banh mi in town, at Pho Viet).

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      I think the pho at Pho Viet is pretty decent too - does that qualify for the noodle request? I always get #15. However, once I started getting the banh mi I don't think I've had the pho since - I'm hooked. But I guess that's another topic.

    2. Uhh.. Noodles?

      I like the noodle soups at Hong Kong Eatery in Chinatown.

      1. Noodles? My department. But there are so many different kinds of noodles? Stir-fry or in soup?

        To name a few of my favorites: Ken's in Allston for Japanese ramen ; Beijing Star in Waltham for northern style Chinsee hand-cut noodle; Shangri-la in Belmont for Taiwanese style.

        But you want to have noodle in Boston area, I would recomend you going to any Vietnamese restaurants or Hong Kong Cafe in Chinatown. I also had been to Potluck once for Fujian style noodle. It was very light and tasty. But I wouldn't not go back until the temperate falls back to the 70's.

        1. Oh, forgot, try the Ja Jyung Mein at Buk Kyung, by Union Square (Somerville). It's amazing.

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            I'd qualify that by saying it's amazing if you like heavy, sweetish flavors in your noodles (and a lot of sauce).

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              Agreed. I mainly love the toothsome texture of the noodles.

          2. The original comment has been removed