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Jul 5, 2007 08:37 AM

Not super trendy restaurant for laid back girls night

Three of my girlfriends and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night, and we are looking for a place with a great atmosphere, a simple but excellent menu (American bistro-like...), good wine selection. We are in our early-twenties and don't want to break our banks, so we are looking for a place that's not too pricey! Hoping to venture outside of our Flatiron area apartment and perhaps into the East Village, SoHo, West Village, or somewhere fun.

A comforting restaurant with comforting food.

Any suggestions?

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  1. hmm, how about:

    -- Nolita House (Houston, by Mulberry)...some nice wines by the isn't staggering or anything but they grill a nice piece of salmon, make a good turkey burger, the Caesar is ok, and there are dessert specials...a fun and comfy place and it is highly affordable

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    1. re: Simon

      I second Nolita House. They have amazing mac & cheese and great fish tacos. Won't break the bank either. Or maybe Alta?

    2. I like Virage on 2nd and 7th. Reasonably priced wines by the bottle and good salads/sandwiches/pastas. If it's nice weather they have a bunch of outdoor tables.

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      1. re: EVchickadee

        I've found Virage very underwhelming when I've been there, which was at least twice, though not recently. Everything was competent, but nothing had much taste, and it's not cheap.

        Genna, where did you end up, and how was it?

      2. There's Jane (on Houston and Thompson). Good food, and they have a pretty good selection of affordable dishes.

        And I also agree with Nolita House. They have 1/2 priced bottle of wines on Tuesdays; great deal.

        1. recently went to a place called CORE 191 on Orchard (LES) for a similar girls night out dinner. Wines were good, small plates were great for sharing. Not too crowded.

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          1. re: ErinHAbe

            Wouldn't recommed Core 191. There are better values on LES for simlar food. I would try Azul Bistro, Savor, or Tapeo 29

          2. Jane, Little Owl, Deborah, Cornelia St. Cafe (a notch below the others foodwise)

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            1. re: Lucia

              Strongly and enthusiastically recommend Crispo (if you can get in!)

              1. re: idia

                Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

                I ended up at Jane and had an AWESOME time---great food, perfect atmosphere (laid back, but classy, with a great mix of 'now and then' music. Service could definitely have been better but the girl was new and everything else was so great that we barely noticed. They sat us nearly right away too (we had a reservation, but we all know that usually that still means an extra 30 minutes). I will DEFINITELY go back! My friends couldn't stop talking about it....