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Jul 5, 2007 08:33 AM

Eating in Sicily and Sardegna

Hi! I'm heading to Sicily (Palermo, Aeolian Islands, Cefalu, Taormina, Catania) and then to Sargegna (staying mostly in the Costa Smeralda area-havn't booked anything yet!) and would REALLY appreciate help with restaurants...
I'm a true FOODIE and would love to try everything!!!! the weirder the better!


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  1. My fiancee and I just got back from Sicily last month (including Palermo and Taormina) and I have posted an article of the food highlights on my blog. Let me know if you have any specific questions.


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      hi i live in sicily (messina city) i see your foto of taormina brioche with gelato BACIO
      ( kiss in inglish) very good. i product brioche if you know the list ingredients write me

    2. I've been to Sicily a number of times and have posted a load of info to the board so suggest a search if you haven't already done one. That being said, in Palermo I can't recommend Sant'Andrea highly enough. Lovely restaurant, really friendly staff and everything we ate (three courses for three people every dish different) was delightful. You really need to try some smoked tuna and swordfish whilst you are there, both different, both really good IMO. Also pasta with sardines and fennel, or sarde beccafico, they can be remarkably avereage but somewhere good, they are delicious. On the east coast of Sicily find somewhere that will just grill (BBQ) you a swordifsh steak, the swordfish from the Straits of Messina are so sweet and juicy that my mouth is watering. Must stop typing, going to dribble!

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        hi i live in straits of messina city .in sicily the food tipicol is very nice ,the traditions are important and the new food is dipendent of old traditional food .
        do you like sicily?

      2. On Sardinia -- Would suggest getting away from Costa Smeralda and into the interior. Su Gologone is a lovely rustic resort with excellent food (both dinner and the fabulous breakfast buffet that included delicious figs, etc.). But the most memorable evening we had was at Calavrina, an agriturismo in Bitti. Fabulous multi-course meal, excellent wines (one of the best cannonaus I've had to date) and grappa, delicious pecorino -- all made there -- and interesting music. Place is owned by one of the Tenores di Bitti, the most famous of the Tenores groups. Amazing hospitality and great flavors.

        1. Best thing to do while in Italy , is experiment, or ask the locals, I didnt have a bad meal in Italy, Its not like the states, where its hard to find good food.Just follow it with a little Vino and its all good.

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            That probably used to be true, but I don't think it still is. Also, locals have different requirements for restaurants than visitors. They tend to go to places where they're known and get a good welcome and always order the same thing, year in year out. Visitors walking in cold often have a different experience. I've had plenty of bad food in Italy.

          2. Hello. I was looking up some recipes and found this site and your message. Very weird thing........this is the exact itinerary I did just now end of June-July 2008.....I am curious if you went on this trip and what places you found. I was in Sardegna 2 summers ago '06 -- Gabe