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Jul 5, 2007 08:18 AM


We're planning a trip to Pittsburgh and Fallingwater later this summer. I've found a lot of Pittsburgh dining suggestions from the board -- does anyone have suggestions for dining near Fallingwater?

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  1. Here's a link to a post of mine:

    I don't think I said it there, but Nemacolin was so so - pretty good food, strange service, and expensive. The other place, Newmyer House - I think you have to spend the night there to eat in the dining room, but it would be well worth - an incredibly memorable meal, albeit awhile ago now.

    Edit - I couldn't find a current website link for Newmyer and called them, and sadly they are closed.

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      West of Nemacolin, I've always liked the Century Inn in Scenery Hill. It isn't quite close to Fallingwater, but quite good.

    2. The River's Edge is a homey little place in Confluence, PA. Ask for a table on the porch.

      1. It has been a couple of years since my wife and I have been to Farmington for Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob. We have stayed in the area three times. Of the few motels, we liked the National Trail Motel in Markleysburg the best. It is a restored 1940s style motel. In the summer, hummingbirds stop to feed. For food, the Stonehouse Inn was good for dinner. For lunch, we enjoyed the tavern at Nemacolin Woodlands. The tavern (located at the far back of the buildings) had good sandwiches plus the world's largest cylindrical indoor fish tank. Glisan's, next door to the National Trail had a good breakfast with homemade bread. We also had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant in Uniontown but don't remember its name. Sorry this isn't current as I would like, but it is the best I can do.

        1. I'm in the same position you are. I'm staying at Nemacolin for a few days for my dad's birthday and need a good place to eat off property one night. Someone suggested Chez Gerard in Hopwood. Hope this helps.

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            Chez Gerard is an excellent idea.

          2. you will find a few places right off of rt. 40 (the national pike). if you are coming from pittsburgh on rt. 51 s and hitting rt. 40 e, look for the summit inn on the right as you top the 1st mountain also, you can make a left towards jumonville to hit up fabrizi's italian restaurant if you decide to eat at fabrizi's, you may want to also hike up to the jumonville cross, which is 60 ft tall atop one of the many mountaintops i'm not religious in any way, but standing at the base of this enormous cross is pretty awe-inspiring. additionally, the town of ohiopyle has a few eateries worth visiting, as well as an observation deck at the falls also, here's a map of fayette county in case you want to venture away from fallingwater hope this helps!