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Jul 5, 2007 08:09 AM

BIG THAI Wilmington

My husband and I had lunch at the new Thai place downtown on Monday. It is called Big, and is on North Fourth Street. It was fantastic! The chef is the original from Rim Wang and it was better than we ever remembered "the wanger" to be. And we ate at Rim Wang a lot and enjoyed it. The calamari was in a tempura batter and was so delicate it was melt in your mouth delicious. The summer rolls the best I have ever had in Wilmington. Then we had Angel wings, these are bonless chicken wings stuffed with a filling of shrimp, rice noodles and chicken and fried. Also great. I had the duck and pineapple curry, also very good. My only complaint was the duck skin was a little fatty cooked this way but still great flavor in the curry. My husband had the papaya salad and also liked it very much. The glass of wine was a healthy pour too! A definate recommendation!! I can't wait to go back!

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  1. wineandcheese, is that the new one that's near PPD? Thanks for the review! We'll be heading down that way soon!

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      Yes it is. It'is on North 4th next to the health center. It is orange on the outside and the parking is still free there! Fantastic and I have not been this excited about a place in wilmington for a long time!

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        Big's wife is also responsible for desserts, including the fab coconut cake at Rim Wang.

    2. We ate there for dinner last night. You're right! It's excellent! Really a nice space, too. I haven't been down in that area in a while, and it is really improving a lot since PPD went in. I had the crispy duck, my husband had the duck curry, and friends of ours had the pad thai, the coconut soup and fried rice. Everyone was really pleased. We split a coconut cake for dessert and man, that stuff is good! Service was friendly and personal (it's a family-run operation). We'll definitely be back and will be trying to spread the word to our friends who work at PPD. It's probably the most convenient spot at this point for lunch down there.

      On another note, we heard a rumor last night that Viet Bistro had closed and the owners of Rim Wang had opened up another restaurant there instead. Anyone know anything about that? I drive right in front of it every morning on my way to the gym and haven't noticed a new sign or anything. Yesterday when I drove by, the Viet Bistro sign was still up. I'm hoping that's false information. Viet Bistro was one of my favorite places. But that's not a great location, by any means.

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        My wife and I had pad thai from Big for lunch a few weeks back. We were extremely disappointed. It was completely Americanized and tasted more like lo mein. There were no chilis, few peanuts and no lime or basil. The sauce was much too sweet.

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          So sorry about your experience at big. We had dinner there last Monday with a few friends and we all loved everything. My only dissapointment was they were out of the summer rolls we had had before that were so good! I had the tempura soft shell crabs and they had lots of ginger and I thought they were great. Husband had the wild boar and he did not share so it also must have been very good. I can't speak for the pad thai, I have not had it, it's not one of my favorites. Give them another try if you will, you might change your mind.