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Jul 5, 2007 07:56 AM

French Food in Southington?

Has anyone been to Kess's Cafe in Southington (CT)? Someone told me it has a French inclination,but it's hard to believe, because a) French food is nearly impossible to find in Hartford County and b) Southington is a culinary desert...

If anyone has been here, please comment.

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  1. Having lived in Plantsville for over 4 years, I am the first to agree that it's a culinary desert, but you might be pleasantly surprised by Kess' Cafe. Looks to be pretty average from the street, but once inside you'll be surprised by the warm decor and back dining room overlooking the river below. It's most definitely still a work in progress, but the areas that have been remodeled are very nice. As for the food, I'm not sure it's got a true French flare, but it is definitely tastey and some of the flavor combo's are quite unique. The menu is relatively small and the prices are good. If you're looking for someplace different you go, I hightly reccommend Kess'!

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      Went to this place the day after Thanksgiving--we were the only party there (but then again, we did eat early...).

      The food was pretty decent, but each dish had some kind of flaw that stopped it from being great. I had blackened salmon pasta and the pasta seemed boxed....the chocolate creme brulee dessert had a fabulous taste but a little too watery texture...etc.

      One strange thing: the special was "sole picante" which was described as having lemon, white wine, capers....we asked "Isn't that piccata?" and the chef came out and said no, it was picante. When my mother pressed him, he paused and then said, "Piccata has shallots, picante has garlic."

      I poked around online and I can't find any mention of this. I always thought picante was just spicy (specifically when applied to Mexican food).