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San Dimas?? Dinner for 6 Hungry Golfers

I will be playing golf at Via Verde Golf Club in two weeks on a Tuesday with some friends. We will finish up around six. Where would you recommend that we go to dinner. We all live in the southbay/westside so we are out of our area so to speak..

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  1. You might like the Golden Spur in Glendora at 1223 E Alosta Ave. I've had some tasty meals there. You might need a reservation.

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      Golden Spur is pretty good. I go there for lunch. Love the french onion soup and usually their fish specials are good too. Very Retro place. Leather booths big martini's. Have fun!

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        look like the golden spur is liked by other hounds. still undecided anyone else like to chime in..

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          Golden Spur is actually very good. I've not had a steak there I didn't like, and their garlic bread is mouthwatering. Good martini's, too!

    2. Try Little Tokyo in San Dimas. You may need a reservation for the sushi bar, but not the main dining room. portions are enormous!

      1. You might try Cask & Cleaver if you like steaks. I don't believe you need reservations for a Tuesday dinner. I don't know the cross street, but it is located on Arrow Highway in the Lowe's shopping center. Good luck.

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          You might like Pinnacle Peak on Foothill in SD. They are known for their "cowboy steaks" - I don't think the ribs or chicken are anything special, but the beans and steak are delish.

        2. You could drop down the hill into La Verne and hit T. Phillips for steaks, sandwiches, and beer. Of the steakhouses already mentioned, I would take the Golden Spur over Cask 'n Cleaver or Pinnacle Peak.

          Something other than steak? Aoki for Japanese & suchi in La Verne, Warehouse for pizza & beer - or Pizza 'n Such in nearby Claremont if you'd like a more upscale pizza 'n beer experience, Grapevine for Mediterranean fare (on Foothill west of Wheeler), Vito's for Italian in Glendora on the corner of Route 66 & Amelia Ave. There's also Gambino's for Italian in La Verne who has just reopened after almost a year closed - they were fairly good before but I haven't had a chance to try to "new" Gambino's. They're in the Stater Bros. shopping center on the corner of Foothill and D Street.

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            Yeah, Vito's, home of the enormous calzone!

          2. I'll admit that I know little of the geography out there, and I know you may have to jog down from above the 10 to the 60, but would the Dal Rae be on the way back west?

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              Not really. It's pretty far out of the way.

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                But Petrillo's Pizza is in Upland. There is a Mama Petrillo's in La Verne but they are a copy-cat, un-related and NOT close to the real Petrillo's. Also, the Upland location is Take-out only.

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                  Actually there is also a Petrillos in Glendora which is closer to San Dimas than the Upland location

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                    Correct. I would order a thin crust pizza which is not on the menu but they will make it. IMO, it beats Vito’s.

                    Petrillos Pizza Restaurant
                    750 W Route 66
                    Glendora, California 91740
                    (626) 335-1289

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                      Same here, been going to Petrillo's at their original San Gabriel location since a kid, and while I like the pizza, crust is much too thick in original form

              2. I would take the 10 Fry. and head down the hill into SGV, exit at Azuza Ave. and go North several blcoks to the North Woods Inn. Check out the link below for the Covina address and Menu. Very large portions with Two Salads, Cheese Bread, Rice Pilaf, Baked Potato, with choice of Whipped Cheese Butter, Butter, Sour Cream & Chives, or Mushroom Gravy included with your meal. Steaks, lobster, shrimp, chicken -- I seem to always order the North Woods Special Platter (chicken, scallops and steak chunks) and can never finish it -- so much food. The New York Steak is excellent. Very nice North Woods ambiance that always seems cool inside on a hot day.


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                  I can't argue with the North Woods Inn. One of my all-time favorites!

                2. although the golden spur, north woods ( cholestrol heaven ! ) petrillo's and others are worthy, since you are on the westside and i assume returning home on the 10, most of these are a little " out of the way " - the first group of choices you'll pass are chain restaurants - friday's, chili's, BJ's ( might be worth a look - decent variety ) islands, johnny carino's - they are about 2-3 miles from the via verde off-ramp. there are a few restaurants off the vincent exit ( another 2 miles going west ) - again, mainly chains - california pizza kitchen , elephant bar ( not bad for a chain - again, decent variety ) a mexican restaurant ( name escapes me - it is a chain ) macaroni grill, etc....go another 10 miles and you are in san gabriel - many asian choices and the original petrillo's...personally, i would go with petrillo's in san gabriel....but if you don't mind going a little off the path...northwoods on azusa would satisfy the meat lover / large portion eater...not fine dining, but it works ! and if you want some serious meat - you have the brazilian bbq on azusa about 1 mile north of the 10 fwy... it's called green something...it's not bad...good luck and let's hope the weather is a little cooler for you !!

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                    Green Field churrascaria is what it's all about. another carnivores delight. seen mentioned before on this board with a general thumbs up. www.greenfieldbbq.com

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                      so how do you hounds like Green Field??

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                        First it's a buffet that comes to your table. If you haven't done one of these then just do it, it is an experience that you've never had before and Green Fields is the best. I drive over 30 miles to go there at least once a year for 15 years. They bring over 12 different meats at lunch 18 at dinner, then there's more food at a center buffet, veggies, meats, salad bar yada yada it's all on the above web site. 6 of you? YOU"LL HAVE A BLAST. Is it the best meat you've ever eaten? NO! Tenderest? NO! Descent enough quality to have a good time? HELL YES!!! Diversity? Can you say wabbit on a spit! You just may not go a second time (I doubt it) but you and your friends will be talkin' about it for the next 6 weeks. Of course if you don't like meat. NEVER MIND.

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                          Very good and complete review. I was most impressed with the salad and fruit bars. Oh, that window with the water fall -- wow! When we went (once) we had 7 different meats (all you can eat). We seem to like one or two more than the others and had repeat servings of them. "Tenderest? NO!" We did not eat meat for several weeks after eating there, in part because are teeth were sore from so much chewing and in part because we over-ate so much meat on that one day. The price still seem high to me but then when you consider the different meats and that impressive salad / fruit bar, I guess the price should be expected. Thinking back a little more I recall what my wife and I most liked about the place. We never felt rushed but more like, "sit back, talk, take your time and enjoy a large meal just like you would at a large Brazilian ranch owned by your uncle."

                  2. Just in case you needed a cup of coffee in the morning or lunch also.

                    Check out this link. Not sure what time they open on weekdays. But maybe breakfast but sure for lunch.

                    Frisco’s (Breakfast served by carhops on skates, try the pancakes, burgers and rings are pretty good also. Skip the tuna sandwich)
                    18065 Gale Ave.
                    Industry, CA. 91748
                    From South Bay take 91 or 105 to the 605 North.From the 605 go East on the 60. Frisco's is on the North side of the 60 fry. Exit at Fullerton Rd. and go North. Turn left onto Gale and look for Frisco's in the area of the Home Depot parking lot. Continue on The 60 which links up with the 57 North. Exit at the Via Verde off ramp for Donuts Galore and your Country Club.

                    Near the Country Club is a nice little coffee and dunot shop.
                    Donuts Galore (Good Coffee and must try Cinnamon twist and Blueberry turnovers also very good Apple fritters and glazed donuts
                    )1112 Via Verde
                    San Dimas, CA 91773
                    (909) 599-3848

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                    1. Wandered around after golf at San Dimas. Saw Frisella's BBQ after golf and stopped in - not bad choice considering all the franchises around.
                      1351 E Foothill Blvd. in La Verne California.


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                        Hi Hounds. Thanks so much for all of your recs.. Its the Golden Spur.. Looking forward to the dinner. I will write back and lt you know how it turned out..