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Jul 5, 2007 07:52 AM

Dining in Littleton/Morrison, CO

Will be in Littleton/Morrison, CO, next week for business. Any good local spots? I'm open to anything--fine dining or hole in the wall. Also, are there any good markets so I can stock my hotel mini-fridge?

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  1. Do you like Thai Food? Thai Hiep (2690 E County Line Rd, Littleton, CO, Phone: (303) 779-9001) is WONDERFUL. Do you know exactly where you are staying - I may be able to help with the market question if I know more specifically where you'll be. And are you looking for liquor, or just groceries?

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      We were driving through Morrison, CO last September and ate at a great Mexican restaurant on the road that heads toward I-70 but I'm sorry and can't remember the name. It was a stand-alone restaurant next to a shopping strip.
      Hopefully someone here can identify it. The Evergreen Inn in Evergreen (right up the road from Morrison) used to have great Mexican but haven't been there in years. Best to ask locals and they'll guide you well. Haven't lived there for 22 years but really miss the great Mexican food. There is also the Morrison Inn (used to be a regular Friday night dinner for us) but again its been years, they are still there because we had margaritas there last fall. Try to do some driving around that area as the foothills are beautiful!

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        For a classic Western experience, go to The Fort. This replica of Bent's Old Fort, a trading post on the Santa Fe Trail, particularly does wonders with game. It is the country's largest user of buffalo. A plus is a fine view of Denver and the Plains. It's an "attraction" but also a very good restaurant -- not a hole in the wall by any stretch, but hey, it's a business trip.

        Opus in downtown Littleton is charming and serves excellent food -- contemporary American, plus.

        Red Rocks Grill is casual. Known for good burgers and such. Located in cute downtown Morrison. I believe they recently renovated following a fire. Haven't been there in a long time, however.

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          This sounds perfect. Thanks!

          And, yes, it is gorgeous here. It's like being on another planet. (I'm from Boston.)

          I will report back on whether I get to try the Mexican, Thai and goulash places, as well as Toast.

        2. re: clemery

          Thanks, everyone! I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Ken Carlyle Way (??).

          I love Thai.

          And I believe my hosts are taking me to The Fort.

          1. re: Hungry GR

            I always thought Thai Hiep was Vietnamese. Or that's how they started, but perhaps they've branched out.

            You've probably discovered there's not much immediately by your hotel but chain restaurants. You might considering venturing into Denver or maybe head outward from C-470 towards Golden or Highlands Ranch for more dining options.

          2. re: clemery

            Just groceries...but only because of the altitude adjustment. Sigh...

          3. Cafe Prague is in Morrison (after being in Georgetown for years). I have never eaten there, and cannot speak for the quality, but my love of goulash and their riverside location has it on my must try list.

            Try Toast in Littleton for breakfast.

            1. All good recommendations, which I will backup here:

              The Fort - definately a unique experience, that you wouldn't get anywhere else in the world.

              Morrison Inn - Morrison is a really neat town, and the Mexican food at this place is above average (with excellent Margaritas as well). Check the concert schedule at Red Rocks, and if there is something going on, avoid the place like the plague (it gets overrun, and very busy).

              Thai Heip is one of my all time favorites. Get the "roll your own spring rolls" if you have a chance (part of the "Happy Dinner" if you are there for dinner). This is a dish I have been trying to find in Phoenix, with no luck.

              Heard good things about Opus as well, but haven't been there myself.