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Jul 5, 2007 07:48 AM

Best toppings/combinations at Arturo's Pizza

So clearly I've been living under a rock. Because although Arturo's might not be the best pizza in all of New York, it is definitely the best delivery in the West Village, IMO. We've only had pizza there twice and each time tried a variety of their toppings (as they have so many and the quality is definitely above average). But so many choices! What have you had that's been great? Or bad? Always up to try someone else's creative (or not so creative) concotion.

P.S. How is their pepperoni? De Marco's is the only place I found that hand slices it so that it's on the thicker side and not paper thin slices of bland smokey grease.


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  1. We love the clam pie. Also the MOM pie is one of my favorites. Mushroom, Onion, Meatball

    1. Just onion. It's pizza perfection. Too many toppings and you'll miss the subtle taste of the buttery crust.

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        i agree - the crust is too good to be weighed down my heavy toppings. i also stick to 1 topping max

      2. The pepperoni is smaller thicker cut style. I love it.

        1. Either sausage or pepperoni. Sometimes we'll add mushrooms, but no more than the two ingredients.