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Jul 5, 2007 07:19 AM

Favorite Braising Recipes for SUmmer

I cooked from Molly Steven's All ABout Braising from December to April just about every weekend.

I'd like to return to her book have a few questions on what would be appropriate for summer.

The sausage and plum recipe---summer? What to serve with it?

Have you made any of her pork recipes in the summer? If so which ones and what should I serve it with?

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  1. Oh, my, my, my...I live in SW Florida and distinctly remember making her pork chops with creamy cabbage in the middle of August (first time I tried that recipe!)...was I nuts or what? But, what an absolutely luscious, delicious, brains-falling-out awesome dish! I urge you to try it if you have not already.

    Oh, and what to serve it with? I've usually do baked sweet potatoes with that dish, small dark green salad also if we're very hungry. To me, pork goes with potatoes almost always.

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      I want to go look at this right now but the book is in my daughter's room and she is napping!!!! Never thought I'd want her to wake up early!

    2. Honestly, just go ahead and fix anything that sounds good. I made braised lamb shanks with toasted orzo on Sunday because Bobby Flay had made it look so irresistable I just couldn't help myself.
      It was Sunday, at least 90 degrees outside, with the air on full blast, and boy did those lamb shanks taste great! The bonus was that the tomatos and zucchini were garden fresh.

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        I love your CHOW name BTW. I too exercise to eat.

      2. I just braised a pork shoulder today- 6 hrs in a 250 oven- and we will use it to make "roll-ups"- whole-wheat tortillas, some of the pork pulled into pieces, some salsa, a bit of grated cheese- roll up, roll into a paper towel, zap for 20 seconds- delish! We eat these for lunch, or a snack. (Oops, I just realized you were looking for recipes to try from your book- am not familiar with it.)

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          no problem---this gives me something to make this weekend to use for the rest of the week. what type of braising liquid do you use?

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            First step, actually, is a rub all over the roast, then into a glass bowl to sit in the fridge overnight. (This time I was lazy and used McCormick Caribbean Jerk seasoning as the rub, but you can use whatever.) Then into a dutch oven to cook at 250 for 6 hrs- turn over after 3 hrs. Braising liquid is 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup water, 2 T worch sauce, 1 T coarse salt.

            Pull into large chunks and discard fat when cooled a bit. Strain the juices into a 4 cup glass measure, put in the fridge overnight to lift off all the fat. Then I put the juice in ice cube trays, so I can freeza individually- so when I pull packets of pork out of the freezer, I can add a few cubes to juice up the meat. Hope this works for you!

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              Love the ice cube tip!! Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to this. DH will LOVE it.