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Found a BBQ Gem in Oswego/Aurora

chipkillian Jul 5, 2007 06:49 AM

I stopped by Thomas' BBQ on Montgomery between Hill and Eola yesterday for lunch. Awesome pulled pork sandwich! Excellent sauce and real pulled pork--not just some smashed up left overs. The place looks like it's run by a husband and wife team, she works the counter--and never really smiles, and he works the kitchen, behind a curtain. There are a few tables inside to eat in and it does have a cool "Bama atmosphere--but, I always get it to go. Good crispy steak fries accompany each sandwich. Sides were a bit pricey. They also do a lot of catering work so they are closed some days to accomodate their catering business. Give this place a try!

  1. Chicago Wine Geek Jul 9, 2007 08:29 AM

    Thanks for the tip, we're going to try it next weekend. Sounds tasty!

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      LikestoEatout Jul 9, 2007 09:35 AM

      Thomas' is not open Sunday and Monday. I've had their pulled pork, rib tips and hot links and it's ok. We have Salt Creek BBQ here in Batavia now and I like their pulled pork a little better, the serving size is a little more generous. They do have 2 other locations in the Chicago area.

      Salt Creek Barbecue
      220 N. Randall Road
      Batavia, Il

      1. re: LikestoEatout
        Gelato_in_Roma Jul 9, 2007 08:11 PM

        I have been curious about Salt Creek... Thanks for the tip. I will have to try it. I love pulled pork!

        1. re: LikestoEatout
          fryrose Jul 14, 2007 09:34 AM

          I am shocked that you or anyone liked Salt Creek BBQ. I thought the portion size was good and that is the only positive I can come up with. The meat was insipid and I could not detect any smoke taste. I had the pulled pork and thought it was so bad that I will not try anything again. The sides were also blah-I was hungry and I ended up tossing most of the food. Believe me, I really wanted to like it; it would be great to have a good Q place in the area but this is not it.
          I did go by Thomas' and will give it a shot-they were closed due to Downtown Alive. If anyone goes, they have a list of the days they will be closed posted on the window.

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