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Jul 5, 2007 06:37 AM

Holy Cow Grill, East Windsor (Twin Rivers), NJ

This place was mentioned in the "Lunch along I-95 thread" ( ), but I think this place deserves a topic of it's own.

We tried this place last night. It's run by a husband and wife team... She's from the Dominican Republic, and he's from Columbia. Very casual and friendly spot with about 10 tables. The menu is pan-latin, with dishes from Peru, Argentina, Cuba, and other South American countries, along with the owner's home cuisines.

We tried the Entraña (Skirt Steak), which was served with Chimichurri, Tostones topped with Guacamole, Rice, and Salad. The marinated and grilled steak was huge, probably enough for 2 people. It was presented in a very attractive manner on a wooden cutting board. Ingredients and preparation were both top-notch.

We also had a half rotisserie chicken, which was deeply flavored and delicious. This was served with Maduros (sweet plantain), rice, and salad. This will definitely be our go-to Rotisserie Chicken place in the future.

Next time, we will try one of the Bandejas (Platters) which consist of various combinations of meats (Beef, Chicken, Chicharron, Chorizo, etc.) along with Arepas, eggs, plantains, and other things.

The food is all prepared with care and attention to detail. It's obvious the people that run this place are foodies. Give it a try.

Holy Cow Grill
Rt. 33, Twin Rivers Shopping Plaza
659 Abbington Dr., Suite 117
East Windsor, NJ

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  1. Sounds just like my kind of place. I'll definitely check it out.

    1. I knew it was you cranrob who posted about this place!!!! I was in the CVS yesterday, and I saw the sign for the place so I went inside to pickup a menu. The place SMELLS FANTASTIC!!! I did not order anything because I had my own chicken ready to roast at home, but from your review, and how great the place smelled, and I did see some of the dishes coming out of the kitchen..I will be back!

      Thanks for the post, cranrob. I really can't stand that shopping mall...strange layout, but thanks to you...I drove into it!!

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      1. re: Angelina

        Definitely go back and get a Bandeja to get a good sampling of what they have. We are regulars there - it's my 2-year-old daughter's favorite restaurant. The service is slow (definitely a mañana mentality thing), but it's worth it.

        1. re: Angelina

          This is exciting. Thought one had to go to Trentini's in Trenton for this sort of food.

        2. That's a fantastic name for a restaurant.

          1. This place has the best rotisserie chicken in the area. The Yuca a la Huancaina is flat-out exceptional - eat it hot! As with french fries, time is the enemy.

            I'm less enthused about the flank steak (dry-ish and boring) and the paella, which though an okay shrimp and rice dish, bears not faintest resemblance to paella.

            The fries are excellent, and I have a good feeling about the burger, though they were out the time I asked.

            So, in short, for chicken, yuca, and fries, you can't beat it.

            1. Based on this recommendation, four of us ate at Holy Cow Grill and are glad we did. Definitely will put this into regular rotation.

              Given that we were going on a Saturday night, I called ahead for a reservation, which apparently is not a common practice there. But they did hold a nice table as far away from the TV sound as we could get. Make no mistake. This is very much a neighborhood storefront - not a temple of haute cuisine. They appear to do a huge takeout business. I think we were the only Anglos in the place, and they seemed delighted that we were there.

              We brought a couple of bottles of wine, which they opened for us. No wine glasses available, so we used tumblers.

              Like cranrob, I went with the entraña, which was perfect. They also have a churrasco-style ribeye that I will try next time. One companion had the paella and the other a mofongo (mashed plantains) with shrimp and plenty of garlic. Both good. The only disappointment was Mrs MercerChow's chicken kebabs, which were overcooked and dry.

              The service was friendly but the kitchen was slow. We did not order starters, though, which may have made the wait seem longer.

              I also wanted to try the oxtail stew as a starter, but they had run out. Probably just as well because the portions are large. All of the entrees could have fed two, plus-or-minus. Hard to beat the price - $62 for four of us.

              This is a classic Chowhound-type place: good ethnic food, low prices, friendly "family" atmosphere, tucked in an out-of-the-way location. What could be bad?

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              1. re: MercerChow

                We ate there back in early December and enjoyed it as well. It is slooow....hope you enjoy the spanish music videos playing on the TV!
                I had the chicken stew which was literally falling off the bone and served with a half plantain, rice, and beans. The chicken was in a homey tomato gravy with some small pieces of potato and garnished with a sliced half avocado. Couldn't finish it.
                One of our group (timid eater) had fajitas which came with some really good fresh-made guacamole.
                Also saw a lot of take out, including someone simply buying ripe whole plaintains!