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Jul 5, 2007 06:20 AM


I need help. CH boyfriends loves beef jerky and I need to know where I can pick some up (preferably St Paul and surrounding but will venture elsewhere). He likes the jerky as Aesop's Table, but there has to be more. I don't know where the good meat markets are close to my house and since I don't eat beef - I'm turning to my knowledgeable CH's to help! Let me know where to go.

He likes all kinds - but mainly a standard version, a peppered version or a hot n'spicy version would be great.

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  1. Well, if you're talking [MSP]/Twin Cities. Will bison jerky do? I like Eichten's. The are often at the St. Paul Farmer's Market--I don't know if they always bring the jerky with them, but you could always ask, or even call ahead. They have a little "bistro" in Center City, too, off of Hwy 8, which is on the way to Taylors Falls from the cities.


    Don't laugh, but some of the best jerky I've had was at the Sportsman's show at the XCel Center in St. Paul. (I think that's February or so.) I know that doesn't help you now, but, I'm just sayin'... Unfortunately, I don't know whose beef jerky that is.


    Eichten's Market & Bistro
    16440 Lake Blvd, Center City, MN 55012

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      there used to be a lady who sold the BEST jerky at the st paul farmers market--she sold jerky only and i believe the name of her business is "the jerky lady." i have not seen her since last year but it is possible i've missed her or gone on the wrong day. . .

      i know i am not confusing her with eichten's, anyone know where the jerky lady went?

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        I went to the St. Paul Farmer's Market this morning (Saturday) and saw the jerky lady there...I've only had the samples but from what I can tell it is indeed some of the best. One of these days I'm going to splurge on a big stick of jerky...it's $3.50 a piece.

    2. Fresh and Natural at Lexington and Hwy 95.

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      1. I know it's not a local maker, but I think the beef jerky from Asian food stores is addictive. I really love the hot fruit variety; I tend to buy multiple bags at a time because the first one doesn't make it out of the parking lot. It is made in California and it has different accent colors on the bags depending on the flavor, and it usually has a caricatured bull's head on the front with the same accent color and the type of flavor.

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          Thanks guys - we'll give some of these a shot. I have only been to the SP Farmer's Market once this summer -I went all the time last year and I do recall that jerky lady - but I've been seeing a lot more bison jerky (thanks TDQ -but we have to stick to beef) - but I will try Fresh and Natural -- and maybe hit up an asian grocery store as they were several close to me in Frogtown.

          Any know of some local butchers - meat shops that carry good quality tasting jerky?

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            Hey, now that you mention it Von Hanson's on Ford Parkway has some good beef sticks. I'm pretty sure they have jerky, too, although you might call ahead just to be sure. A month or two ago they had a sample of a spicy one out on the counter that was S*P*I*C*Y, no foolin'.


            Von Hanson's Meats
            2018 Ford Pkwy, St Paul, MN 55116

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              you might also want to try mike's butcher shop 1104 s roberts street st paul.

              i believe they have good-looking beef jerky although i've never had it-- i'm addicted to their turkey jerkey though-- it is so good!

          2. Sorry, so not Saint Paul, but some of the best jerky this Saint Paulite's ever had is at Forster's Meats and Catering. A little ways west of 169 on 55, out in Plymouth.


            They make a jerky called 'Dragon', I believe, that is stunningly hot and spicy for Minnesota, and deliciously hot and spicy by less tame standards. They have, I think, two milder flavors as well.

            Their other products are very good as well. Try the cold smoked ribeyes. They make a surprisingly good tasso, and I have had no bad sausage from them, either. These folks love the idea of meat, and much of their beef is dry-aged.
            It never hurts to call ahead, especially if you are going from Saint Paul. Last time I was there, I asked about slab bacon. They said yes, ordinarily, but right now, it is still in the smoker, so call ahead next time and we'll let you know before you make the trip.
            Sound advice.

            good hunting

            1. I too am a lover of jerky. The spicy beef jerky at Dixies on Grand Avenue in St. Paul is addictive. We have not been in awhile, since the rest of the food is not so great, but they used to have spicy jerky on the menu and you could just walk in, go up to the bar, and order some to go. It would be worth a call to see if they still have it.

              There is a jerky wagon at the Minneapolis downtown market on Nicoller Mall every Thursday. They set up at the Southwest corner of 6th St. and Nicollet, right by the popcorn guy. This jerky is outstanding. My office is on the same corner and I get at least one bag every week. They also sell it sealed in vacuum packed plastic so you can buy a bunch and keep it. They have regular and spicy, as well as turkey jerky. I like the regular the best.

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                I saw some Dixies Jerky in a gas station not long ago and I've seen it at Walgreens too.

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                  you can still walk up to the bar and order Jerky at Dixies on Grand - good stuff, Im in there more for Jerky than to actually eat.