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Jul 5, 2007 06:19 AM

Boston Board Downhill Report

So a bit of a gripe. 80% of the posts on the Boston Board in the last year or so are generally the same old posts:
- Where can I get a good lobster?
- Where can I get good chinese?
- Clio or 9 Park for my special dinner?
- Questions in general that have already been answered ad infinitum on the board

It's boring. Clutters up the board, and often, the replies (because people who are better-informed have gotten tired of answering the same old question) are not even accurate.

Not sure I have an easy answer to the question. Would not be a bad idea if there was a sort of Boston FAQ pinned to the top of the board with sort of a general consensus on "the good chow."

Some iterative discussion of topics is obviously inevitable and actually a good thing, as things do change. But so much of the Boston Board has become same old same old as to really be a negative.

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  1. Oh, and one other note, feels like there is just generally less chowhoundery in beantown lately:

    "Has anyone eaten at...?" heck search the board, if there ain't a post on it, probably not. Take one for the team, try a new place, and, my favorite thing of all, be the first to post about it!

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      1. re: StriperGuy

        Hi StriperGuy. How would you spice up the Boston board and make it less boring (along with trying a new place and reporting in)?

        1. re: mvi

          Just folks posting more reviews in questions rather then asking questions.

          More people contributing to the site rather then using it as a Zagat's surrogate.

          Whenever I have an interesting tidbit in town, I let people know. That is increasingly rare on the Boston Board.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            While I certainly feel your pain StriperGuy, it's not endemic to the Boston board alone. As Aromatherapy states below, and I'm sure all who contribute to boards in general equally hope an improved search feature will alleviate so much duplication of OP's. If you look at the New England board, for example, best restaurant in Portland, best lobster rolls, best clam shack, etc. get churned ad nauseam.

            Even without the "new and improved" search you want to shout out "Stop being so damn lazy and do a little research on your own!". You'll get self-serving comments, from some of them, that they've checked but only found old posts. Nonsense! They don't want to waste "their" time looking through eight pages of results. It's much easier for them to launch a same-subject Op for the umteenth time. So you're right about not wanting respond for that same umteenth time. Let's all hope & pray that the new & improve search will at least slow down the duplication.

            1. re: Harp00n

              I agree. Just prior to reading this thread I read a post titled, "Giacomo's", has anyone tried it?, or something along those lines, and I recommended that the OP research all of the recent history, as we all know that Giacomo's has received lots of air time. The Boston Board can be very redundant. People are VERY lazy and don't do their homework before posting.

      2. Maybe the fixed search function will help. Also the Places feature. I dunno, I get down too but then a good tip comes along.

        1. Gee, I'm glad to see you're doing your part to improve the situation:

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          1. re: Chris VR

            I read this post several days ago and also noticed Striperguy's recent fondness for Applebee's. ;) Interesting tactic but I imagine that most folks who don't realize that there are probably dozens of best pizza, lobster roll, steak, etc. threads to search, also don't realize that Striperguy isn't serious.

            I'm not a big fan of the new search. Probably b/c I was so used to filtering out the crap on the old search. This one yields somewhat inconsistent results as well. If I really gave a crap I'd probably go the ultra-long search discussion on another board to learn more. At any rate I think that lots of folks come to a message board, don't really know how to use it, search it, deal with it, etc. and therefor do the easiest thing they can imagine; Just ask a question. On the Boston board that seems to be happening more often. I attribute it to out of town tourists looking for a quick and dirty reply. Probably not real houndy folks.

            I too am tired of the No. 9 vs. L'Espalier, best lobster roll, best burger questions. There do seem to be fewer posts regarding recent dining out. I'm hoping it's b/c it's summer and folks are vacationing or something. I hope good conversation picks up (I'm a big fan of the current dive bar thread) because the board has been a great resource over many years.