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Jul 5, 2007 06:15 AM

Damon's Grill - What would you eat?

Let me preface this by saying this: I'm not a huge fan of Damon's.

That said, once a month (approximately) my boss gives me $100 in Damon's gift certificates. I don't have enough money to turn my nose up at free food (who does?), and it's an excuse to get out of the house and eat a filling (if not exciting) meal and maybe watch a game, so we go.

So my question is, what on the menu are you a fan of? Anything suprisingly tasty? What's hiding in that menu that I wouldn't think to try, but is actually worth it? (And when I say worth it, keep in mind that this is free food.)

Yays and Nays thus far:

Prime Rib (when they actually have it medium rare. Sometimes they run out.)
Buffalo chicken pasta (sometimes it's terrible...too saucy. Usually ok)
Pub style fish (actually crispy. Not a whole lot of flavor, but good texture)

Burgers (terribly greasy)
Southwestern salad (new item...just sad. limp everything covered in waxy shredded cheese)

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  1. I've been quite a few times, as my husband loves watching the games there. I agree about the fish and chips- I always like that.

    The apps there are decent. I love the chicken firecracker egg rolls. The sauce and tortilla strips also go well with the house salad. The one time we steered away from them and got the wings, we enjoyed them as well.

    I've also had the pulled pork sandwich which was pretty good. The ribs are good 70% of the time.

    Not sure about the one you frequent, but the one I go to has some pretty awful bar service. I make it a point to not get mixed drinks and we have a running joke about how they never have the beers listed on the menus. It usually takes 3-4 choices before we find one they have in stock.

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      Bar service is usually ok at our Damon' fact the bartenders are the only constant staff members we see. It's the wait staff that drives us bonkers. In the dozens of times we've been there (1.5 years of this job with $100/month almost every do the math) we have seen the same waiter once. And we tend to be there around the same time of the evening on a friday, so we should be seeing some repeats. Their staff turnover rate must be astronomical. And their training is a joke, the waiter/tress always seem slightly lost and confused, doesn't know the menu and forgets basic things (like our salads. Or silverware. Or drink refills)