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Jul 5, 2007 06:09 AM

Red Robin: Balloons for the kids, Cocktails for the adults

My fine dining favorites were closed on the fourth of July. So, I ventured out into the chains.

I had lunch at the new Red Robin restaurant on Nicholasville Road in Lexington, KY. The french onion soup was served piping hot, as requested. Followed by the Red Robin Gourmet Burger with Swiss......and steak fries.

My amaretto Disaronno cocktails were well mixed-----and priced at $3.95 each. A reasonable price for that drink, I thought.

Perhaps not the healthiest lunch imaginable, but satisfying!

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  1. I like Red Robin.I have gotten the Guacamole Burger,the Mushroom Swiss burger,and even some of the salads.The one in the Olympia Shopping Forum in Selma,Tx near me has pretty good food and is always busy.

    1. We like it for a quick lunch - the burgers are very good. And my chowpup does love the baloons!

      1. Red Robin does a great turkey burger with chipolte mayo. Love the steak fries, with ranch, natch. I recently started getting the Apple Harvest salad and it's very good. Love the goat cheese.

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          Glad to know the turkey burger and the Apple salad are good. I'll try to eat more healthy next time.....

          1. re: HickTownBarnaby

            Yeah, I thought the Apple Harvest salad was good, too (although an odd time to introduce it; it was new a couple months ago, totally opposite apple harvest time ;-).

            You can do any number of things to make it healthier. They'll give you a small salad instead of fries if you ask (I don't think it costs extra). Get a chicken sandwich, slightly healthier esp. if you don't get the California which has bacon, hehe. I keep forgetting to try a turkey burger, that's a good idea. Also any burger concoction can be made with a Boca patty instead. This is what my girlfriend orders every time we go. Some of the other non-burger menu items are pretty good as well, but it's hard to get away from that part of the menu.

        2. Went to one yesterday for dinner break from work. They had some new menu items, so I decided to try one. I went for the Pesto Grilled Chicken sandwhich on a panini roll I believe. It was really good. It also came with garlic fries. Same fries, but they threw in garlic and parsley. Could have used more garlic, but then again, too much is never enough for me in terms of garlic. LOL! Anyways, it was very good, I liked the texture of the bread and the flavor was great.

          1. I just tried them last week too. Much to my surprise, they asked me if I wanted some pink in my burger and they delivered on it. I also liked the fries and I normally don't like steak cut fries. The burger itself, I had the barbeque burger, was ok. The sauce on it was good, but the burger itself didn't really have any flavor. It seemed to me like they hadn't seasoned the burger. Also the restaurant slowly filled up with lots of little kids.

            However, I'll probably go back sometime and try a different burger.