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Jul 5, 2007 05:59 AM

Jackamo's Restaurant

Help, is Jackamo's still open? Where is it? I tried google search, can't find it.. I ate there one time and it seems to be blur in my mind, I don't know why (teehee). But I do remember it being great...

Also, any other off the beaten path restaurants around New Orleans?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. FWIW, I think the place is overrated, but I'll admit to being in a distinct minority. (BTW, there's only one hyphen in the name: Jacques-Imo's.)

      1. re: Blumie

        You may be in the minority, but you're not alone. I don't think much of it either.

        1. re: Frolic

          wow..then what do you guys like? jacque-imo's is like, the only restaurant in new orleans that i think is amazing. looks like i'm missing out on a lot. i fear i might just have a lack of appreciation for fine cuisine, cause im a cheap asian/spicy ethnic food fanatic from ny,,would love to find some great eats in nola tho (since i live here now), i just dont seem to like what most people rave about in this city..

          1. re: kanksh

            There's a wide range of opinions on Jacque-Imo's, I happen to be one who likes it, but I still don't put it in the top tier of what the city has to offer. It's got great food (I'd stop short of amazing), and it's a really good time.

            For amazing, try Iris.

            Have you tried places like Mandina's, Cafe Degas, Taqueros, Martinique, Cote de Sud, Jamila's, Coop's Place? What are the things you don't like that people rave about?

            1. re: kanksh

              If you like resonable asian food you should try five happiness or the Asian Cajun both are great

              1. re: kanksh

                Try K-Paul's; chef Paul is still cranking out good, cajun-inspired food without being a caricature of himself. Have you been to the Bon Ton? Also worth a visit.

                As for cheap asian, we have a wealth of vietnamese food in NOLA. Try the salt & pepper crab at Kim Son, or get a bunch of bahn mi from Dong Phuong, or eat your way through the soups at Pho Tau Bay.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  And Tan Dinh! Still my favorite, though I've yet to find Dong Phuong.

                  1. re: JGrey

                    Ah, that was a setup for the new places feature, right? In words: take I-10 east to I-510, exit south. Proceed past the defunct, drowned Jazzland amusement park, exit onto Chef Menteur highway, turn left/east. Proceed about 3 miles east; Dong Phong is on the left, past Michoud but before you get to Alcee Fortier. Opens at 8 am on Saturdays.

                    Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery
                    14207 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70129

                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                      FYI, it's closed Monday. We tried to go recently and ended up at Pho Bang, which wasn't so great.