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Jul 5, 2007 05:47 AM

Best Korean BBQ near Bayside

Two couples that have never been to a Korean BBQ place are interested in finding one near Bayside. Where should we go - What should we order (including Korean booze).

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  1. for the newbies, dae dong manor on northern near springfield.

    for better tasting, nam oh jung on northern and 160th or so.

    1. also nice is sansookapsan, and also ham-ji-bak. this thread below (mine) has some info:

      also do a search for "murray hill korean northern" and you'll have plenty of choices. but I'd rec the ham-ji-bak.

      as for booze, I prefer bek-soju which is supposedly "healthy" soju, soju being an approximately 40 proof liquor made from potatoes, and this particular one with herbs that supposedly have medicinal qualities. it tastes a bit sweet, a bit herbal, and goes down very well as shots, chased with OB lager.