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Jul 4, 2007 10:26 PM

Soho Korean Restaurant---Fried Chicken

I've been reading about how good the Korean Fried chicken was supposed to be, so I was on a mission to find it in the Philadelphia Area.

I found a restaurant on Cheltenham Avenue called Soho. It is an immaculately clean and pleasant place with a nice staff. They had the fried chicken and I asked for a take out order.

What I actually asked for was what they call the Half and Half fried chicken. Eighteen pieces
of what turned out to be hands down the Best Fried chicken I have ever eaten. Nine of the pieces are mild and sweet and the other nine are spicy with vinegar. The chicken is all wings and drumettes and came with a nice order on square cut pickled Daikon Radish a very nice and cooling accompaniment. The eighteen piece size was twenty dollars and worth every penny.

The only thing I would have done differently is to pick up some beer. Beer would have been gone great with the spicy wings. This is a real keeper and I'm permanently spoiled for any other fried chicken----Nothing comes close. I'd love to know what the secret is.

I also liked how the chicken was packed. It was very carefully boxed so it wouldn't get soggy.
Although, the place is called Soho; The Chicken is actually called Bon Chon and is what is on the aprons the waitress's are wearing.

The patrons on this night were mostly young and clean cut and quiet. I saw allot of desserts being ordered---but no question---The reason to come here is the Fried Chicken..........
Now if they would only put one in Bucks County I'd be in heaven.

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  1. Sounds great! Where is it located exactly?

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    1. re: ivyleigh

      Would have been nice if he said where it was

      I'm guessing Bon Chon at
      468 West Cheltenham Ave, Philadelphia PA 19126
      Check out google maps.

      Their website is:

    2. I read this review about Bon Chon which is also known as Soho Cafe ( that's the name on the building- Bon chon is the name on the boxes for takeout) a few days ago and became obsessed with trying this fried chicken. Tonight- Saturday July 28th I drove with a friend from Narberth to Soho Cafe and we ate in an almost deserted restaurant- very nice and clean with artsy furniture. I ordered what SALUKI had- half & half order of fried Chicken which came with the pickled radishes and a cabbage salad with 1,000 island dressing. SALUKI is ABSOLUTELY correct-!!!! this place has THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN I have had in the Philadelphia area! I used to live in West Philly ( I am a white girl with a passion for soul food) and also have been to Debreauxs in Overbrook 3 times ( BAD service). It was worth the $20 for the 1/2 & 1/2 fried chicken and we ate it with cold beer ( the restaurant has beer & wine). I also had a bubble tea- DEFINITELY WORTH A TRIP HERE FOLKS! I wish they had a Bon Chon/ Soho Cafe on the Mainline- it was crispy on the outside- moist and tender on the inside. My friend and I have very highly developed palates and I , myself make killer fried chicken but this chicken is nice puffy golden brown and the sauce on it is FABULOUS!

      I hope anyone reading this will take Saluki's review and my review and GO THERE- you WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

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      1. re: lakshmigirl

        Since Soho is right around the corner from my boyfriend's, we decided to check out the famed fried chicken Sat night. We also got the half&half which was more than enough for the two of us. We found the spicy chicken to be too spicy (to the point where I almost choked). We both tend to like spicy foods, but this was too much and we ended up just eating the meat from those pieces. The regular fried chicken was great though. The sauce is flavorful with a little sweetness to it. The skin had a great, crispy crunch and the chicken was very tender. This is the kind of thing you get cravings for. Next time though, we'll order the mild.

        1. re: jerseytomato

          Maybe their chicken is inconsistent, because I had the half and half last night and didn't think the spicy was hot at all, like maybe on the level of regular American buffalo wing spicy. I really enjoyed the chicken though, perfectly cooked with its thin crackly crust.

      2. My wife and I tried to go there for lunch last week. The door wasn't locked but the restaurant was empty and they tried to tell us that they were closed. The man and woman in the dining room didn't speak much English, but they seemed to be saying that they would be open for lunch in a few weeks. Here's my question to those who have already been: is it accessible to those who don't speak Korean? I noticed that the website is entirely in Korean, as were all of the signs in their window. Is their menu translated into English? Just curious--we'll probably go back anyhow!

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        1. re: PhillyStyle

          I actually went to two Korean places yesterday with my brothers, both Cafe Soho and Chon's (in the shopping center behind Cafe Soho), and the waitresses in both places started speaking Korean to us. Kamsahamnida! We're not Korean but maybe they thought we were. The waitress who was working in Soho spoke perfect English, although she seemed to be the only one on the staff who did, while the waitresses at Chon's spoke hardly any English. Had bbq at Chon's and I enjoyed it but it was nothing special...need to find a better place for kbbq.

          Anyway, I don't speak or read Korean, apart from what I've picked up from seeing too many Korean soap operas (hee hee), and had no problems ordering at Cafe Soho. The menu is translated into English, but there are no descriptions, so you may need to ask for clarification. There are four different kinds of fried chicken, the two that people have been ordering half and half (spicy and mild), the third is garlic, and I forget the fourth.

          1. re: Dib

            The fourth is their "spiced chicken" I think, which is the one with the red sauce that is sweet and mildly spicy. They also have buffalo wings.

            When I went, the two female wait staff were American (or at least sounded American), although my boyfriend had trouble ordering over the phone once because the person answering did not speak English very well.

            Anyway, am bringing the chicken to a party this weekend so will finally try the mild and we'll see how that goes!

          2. re: PhillyStyle

            Someone at E-gullet mentioned that they go across the street to Sports Bar when it is closed and they are able to get the same chicken---in fact they just walk it across the street. ---Go figure.

            1. re: saluki

              Oh it all makes sense now! While we were waiting for our chicken once (and it felt like it was taking forever), we kept seeing the servers walk out of the kitchen with bowls of chicken. Each time this happened, we anticipated that it was our order, but they would march the chicken right out the door! It was maddening. Thanks for the explanation...

          3. We got a half/half order from Soho and it was like crack! The spicy was really spicy, but very good. Shocked that the place wasn't packed. Cute take out box.

            1. I just discovered this thread, and boy, my mouth is watering. I would love to go there, but GF doesn't do fried chicken. Do they have bibimbap and such?

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              1. re: hungry100

                sounds great doesn't it/ Here is a link to a review that says it has other foods, it doesn't mention bibimbap specifically.